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  • 7:42 AM, Thursday, 01 Oct 2020

Course Undergraduate
Semester Sem. VI
Subject Code AV322
Subject Title Power Electronics


INTRODUCTION: Introduction to power electronics – basic elements – basic power electronic converters - survey of semiconductor devices – realisation of single-quadrant, two-quadrant and four-quadrant switches - requirements of power converters – applications of power electronics.

DC-DC CONVERTERS: Introduction – linear mode power conversion – switched mode power conversion – buck converter, boost converter, buck-boost converter, Cuk converter - Isolated converters: forward converter, fly back converter – Introduction to resonant converters

DC-AC CONVERTERS: Introduction - voltage source inverter - current source inverter - square wave and PWM inverters (single phase and three-phase) – PWM techniques.

AC-DC CONVERTERS: Controlled and uncontrolled rectifiers (single phase and three phase) – power factor, harmonics – active front end rectifiers.

APPLICATIONS: AC / DC Drives, space applications, other industrial and utility applications - Practical converter design issues – control of power electronic converters - introduction to digital controllers for power electronic converters.cessors, Introduction to conductor EMI.  

Text Books

1. Ned Mohan, Tore M. Undeland, William P. Robbins: Power Electronics – Converters, Applications and Design; published by John Wiley & Sons Inc.

2. Daniel W. Hart: Power Electronics ; published by Tata McGraw Hill

3. Philip T Krein: Elements of Power Electronics; published by Oxford University Press

4. Robert W Erickson, Dragoa Maksimovic: Fundamentals of Power Electronics; published by Springer

5. Joseph Vitahyathil, Power Electronics - Principles and Applications; Tata McGraw Hill

6. L. Umanad, Power Electronics - Essentials and Applications; Wiley India Pvt. Ltd

7. M H Rashid, Power Electronics - Circuits, Devices and Applications; PHI, New Delhi.

P.C. Sen, Modern Power Electroncis; published by Wheeler Publishers, New Delhi.