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  • 6:15 AM, Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Course Undergraduate
Semester Sem. VII
Subject Code AV412
Subject Title Satellite and Optical Communication


Optical fibers fundamentals – total internal reflection, single mode and multimode fibers, step index, graded index fibers, attenuation effects, cut-off wavelengths, linear and non-linear scattering losses, fiber bend losses, intra and intermodal dispersion, fiber dispersion, dispersion compensating fibers, polarization maintaining fibers, optical fiber connectors, fiber alignment and join losses, fiber splices, expanded beam connectors, fiber couplers. Optical sources and detectors - LEDs, LED structures, injection laser diodes, PIN photo detectors, avalanche photo diodes, photo detector noise. Optical modulation and modulators, Optical amplifiers. Design of an optical communication link, OTDR. Optical networks - SONET/SDH, WDM networks, non linear effects on network performance, solitons, optical CDMA.Analog and digital communication schemes for satellite communication – AM and FM schemes, PCM, TDM, digital carrier systems, carrier recovery. Error control coding - linear block codes, cyclic codes, convolutional codes, coding gain, Shannon’s capacity theorem, Turbo and LDPC codes. Modelling the space link - frequency allocation for satellite communication, satellite orbits and link availability, radio wave propagation for satellite communication - atmospheric losses, ionospheric effects, rain attenuation, antennae for satellite communication. Polarization effects in satellite communication – antenna polarization, ionospheric depolarization, rain depolarization, ice depolarization. Equivalent isotropic radiated power, transmission losses, link power budget, system noise, carrier to noise ratio, effects of rain, intermodulation noise, intersatellite links. Interference in satellite systems. Multiple access methods for satellite communication - FDMA, TDMA, CDMA. Introduction to satellite networks. Examples of services using satellites - direct broadcast television satellites, satellite mobile, GPS

Text Books

Not Available


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4. Dennis Roddy - Satellite Communications, 4th edition, McGraw Hill.

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