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  • 7:07 PM, Monday, 18 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code AVR871
Subject Title Electromagnetic and Microwave Application of Metamaetrials


Introduction to Metamaterials


 Electrodynamics of Left-Handed Media, Wave Propagation in Left-Handed Media,  Energy Density and Group Velocity, Negative Refraction,  Fermat Principle, Other Effects in Left-Handed Media,  Inverse Doppler Effect Backward Cerenkov Radiation, Negative Goos–Hanchen Shift

Backward Leaky and Complex Waves, Phase Compensation and Amplification of Evanescent Modes , Perfect Tunneling, The Perfect Lens , Losses and Dispersion


 Synthesis of Bulk Metamaterials


 Scaling Plasmas at Microwave Frequencies, Metallic Waveguides and Plates as One- and Two-Dimensional Plasmas, Wire Media,  Spatial Dispersion in Wire Media,  Synthesis of Negative Magnetic Permeability, Design and Analysis of the Edge and Broad Coupled SRR, The Double and Multiple Split SRR, Spirals Resonators, Higher-Order Resonances in SRRs, Isotropic SRRs, Scaling Down SRRs to Infrared and Optical Frequencies , 1/2/3 Dimensional SRR-Based Left-Handed Metamaterials, Ferrite Metamaterials,  Chiral Metamaterials


Transmission Line Analysis of Metamaterials


Ideal Homogeneous CRLH TLs, LC Network Implementation: Principle, Difference with Conventional Filters, Transmission Matrix Analysis, Input Impedance, Cutoff Frequencies, Analytical Dispersion Relation, Bloch Impedance, Effect of Finite Size in the Presence of Imperfect Matching, Real Distributed 1D CRLH Structures, Two dimensional metamaterials.


 Microwave Applications of Metamaterial Concepts


Filters: Stopband Filters , Bandpass Filters Based on Alternate Right-/Left-Handed (ARLH) Sections Implemented by Means of SRRs, Bandpass Filters Based on Alternate Right-/Left-Handed (ARLH) Sections

Implemented by Means of CSRRs , CSRR-Based Bandpass Filters with Controllable , Highpass Filters and Ultrawide Bandpass Filters. Tunable Notch Filters and Stopband Filters, Synthesis of Metamaterial Transmission Lines with Controllable Characteristics and Applications,  Miniaturization of Microwave Components


Antenna Applications

Defination of small antennas, Limits of small antennas, Chu limit, Metamatetial based electrically small antennas, Efficiency, Q factor. Meta-structure for frequency notched  antennas, Application of maetamaterials in leaky wave antennas, Time domain analysis and studies of various UWB antennas with and without Metamaterial loading.

Metamaterial Cloaking


Definition and general concepts, Comparison between electromagnetic invisibility and other low observability techniques ,  Brief summary of the main techniques used to achieve electromagnetic invisibility, Figures of merit to describe the effectiveness of a cloaking device,Critical comparison among the different approaches to cloaking, Scattering cancellation: principles and design techniques, Scattering cancellation based on volumetric metamaterials (plasmonic cloaking),Scattering cancellation based on metasurfaces (mantle cloaking)

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