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  • 9:26 PM, Saturday, 16 Oct 2021

Course Undergraduate
Semester Sem. I
Subject Code CH111
Subject Title Chemistry


Chemical Kinetics: basic concepts of chemical kinetics – complex reactions – effect of temperature on reaction rates – catalysis.

Electrochemical Systems: introduction to electrochemistry – different types of electrodes – half cell potential – electromotive force – Gibbs free energy and cell potential – Nernst equation – electrochemical series – classification of electrochemical cells.

Corrosion Science: definition – causes and consequences – significance and methods of corrosion control – mechanisms and theories of corrosion.

Spectroscopy: fundamentals of spectroscopy – electronic spectroscopy – vibrational spectroscopy – other spectroscopic techniques.

Propellants: classification of propellants – performance of propellants and thermochemistry – liquid propellants – oxidizers and fuels – solid propellants – composite solid propellants.

Text Books
  • Atkins, P. and de Paula, J., Physical Chemistry, 9th ed., Oxford Univ. Press (2010).

1. Laidler, K. J., Chemical Kinetics, 3rd ed., Pearson Education (2005).

2. Kemp, W., Organic Spectroscopy, Palgrave Foundations (1991).

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