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  • 9:28 PM, Saturday, 16 Oct 2021

Course Undergraduate
Semester Sem. IV
Subject Code MA221
Subject Title Integral Transforms, PDE, and Calculus of Variations


Integral Transforms: The Fourier transform pair – algebraic properties of Fourier transform – convolution, modulation, and translation – transforms of derivatives and derivatives of transform – inversion theory. Laplace transforms of elementary functions – inverse Laplace transforms – linearity property – first and second shifting theorem – Laplace transforms of derivatives and in- tegrals – Laplace transform of Dirac delta function – applications of Laplace transform in solving ordinary differential equations.

Partial Differential Equations: introduction to PDEs – modeling problems related and general second order PDE – classification of PDE: hyperbolic, elliptic and parabolic PDEs – canonical form – scalar first order PDEs – method of characteristics – Charpits method – quasi-linear first order equations – shocks and rarefactions – solution of heat, wave, and Laplace equations using separable variable techniques and Fourier series.

Calculus of Variations: optimization of functional – Euler-Lagrange equations – first variation – isoperimetric problems – Rayleigh-Ritz method.

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