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  • 2:41 PM, Tuesday, 21 Sep 2021

Course Undergraduate
Semester Sem. IV
Subject Code AE242
Subject Title Metrology and Computer Aided Inspection


Theory: Role of metrology in aerospace engineering and traditional measurement practices – measurements of form errors – limit gauges – comparators – surface roughness and related parameters.

Experiments: Lab practice on linear and angular measurements – optical measurements – measurement of screws/gears – measurement of form errors – measurement of roughness – inspection practices using comparators – interpretation of shop floor drawings and the related measurement exercises using typical engineering/aerospace components.

Text Books


1. Shotbolt, C. S. and Galyer, J., Metrology for Engineers , 5 th ed., Cassell Pub. (1990).

2. Smith, G. T., Industrial Metrology: Surfaces and Roundness , Springer-Verlag (2002).

3. Bewoor, A. K. and Kulkarni, V. A., Metrology & Measurement , Tata McGraw-Hill (2009).

4. Busch, T., Fundamentals of Dimensional Metrology , 2 nd ed., Delmar Pub. (1988).