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  • 6:10 AM, Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Course Undergraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code AV491
Subject Title Advanced Sensors and Interface Electronics


Introduction and Background of state-of-art sensing and measurement techniques. Contactless
potentiometer (resistance-capacitance scheme) – Methodology,Interface Circuits, Overview of
Flight Instrumentation.
Analog Electronic Blocks, CMRR Analysis (Non-ideal opamps) of an Instrumentation Amplifier,
Linearization circuits for single-element wheatstone bridges (application to strain gauge), Direct
Digital Converter for Strain gauges, Signal conditioning for Remote-connected sensor elements.
Inductive sensors and electronic circuits, Eddy-current based sensors, Synchros and Resolvers,
Magnetic shielding techniques.
State-of-art Magnetic Sensors – Principle, Characteristics and Applications – Induction
Magnetometer, Flux gate Magnetometer, Hall Effect Sensor, Magnetoresistance Sensors, GMR
Sensors – Multi-layer and Spin Valve, Wiegand Effect, SQUID.
Case Study-1: GMR Based Angular Position Sensor, Sensing Arrangement, Linearization
Electronics – Methodology, Circuit Design and Analysis. Case study-2: Brake Wear Monitoring,
Reluctance-Hall Effect Angle Transducer–Sensing Arrangement,Front-end Electronics.
Overview of Basic Capacitive sensors. Various design considerations; guarding, stray fields,
offset and stray capacitance, Ratio metric measurement – advantages and circuit
implementations. RMS, Peak, Average Value Electronic Schemes for Capacitive Sensors,
Synchronous Phase Detection – multiplier and switching type
Case study-3: Liquid level detection – Concentric Cylindrical Plates, Plates on container walls – Dielectric and Conductive Liquids - Analysis. Case study-4: Capacitive Angle Transducers and
Front-end electronics.
Piezoelectric sensors, Seismic transducers. Introduction to MEMS, Piezoelectric, Electrodynamic
and MEMS Capacitive Accelerometers, Principles of Ultrasonic sensors - Equivalent circuit and
transfer function of a piezoelectric transmitter, crystal oscillator. NDT using ultrasonic and
Optical and Fibre Optic Sensors
MEMS Pressure sensors, Vaccum-pressure estimation and important flow measurement
(volume and mass flow rate) schemes, Flapper-nozzle systems.
Sensing Schemes for Attitude, Position measurement and navigation, Instrumentation Systems
for Occupancy Detection – Ultrasound, Inductive and Capacitive schemes.
Non-contact current and voltage measurement, Newhuman vital-sign sensing techniques.

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