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  • 1:00 PM, Tuesday, 21 Sep 2021

Course Undergraduate
Semester Sem. III
Subject Code RS211
Subject Title Remote Sensing and Applications


Physics of Remote Sensing: Introduction – Electromagnetic Spectrum – Effects of Atmosphere – Fundamentals  of Radiometry – Spectral Reflectance - Physical basis of signatures.                                                                                                                       
Data Acquisition: Remote sensors – Optical-infrared sensors – Microwave systems – Platforms (Aerial and Space).
Data Products and Analysis: Data reception – Data Products - Resolution – Visual and Digital Interpretation – Geometric Correction – Radiometric Correction – Image enhancement – Image Classification  - Basics of Photogrammetry.
Remote Sensing Applications: Agriculture – forestry – land use / land cover mapping – water resources – snow and glacier – wetland management – coastal zone management – marine fisheries – earth science.
Geographical Information System: Components of GIS – Map Projections – Spatial and Non-Spatial data – Data model and input – data analysis and output – spatial  modelling  – case studies

Text Books

Joseph G., Fundamentals of Remote Sensing, Second Edition, Universities Press, 2005


1.    Lillesand T.M., Kiefer R.W. and Chipman J.W., Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation, Fifth Edition, John Wiley & Sons, 2004.
2.    Campbell J.B., Introduction to Remote Sensing, Fourth Edition, The Guilford Press, 2008.
3.    Lo C.P. and Yeung A.K.W., Concepts and Techniques of Geographic Information Systems, Second Edition, Prentice Hall, 2006.