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  • 1:11 PM, Tuesday, 21 Sep 2021

Course Undergraduate
Semester Sem. V
Subject Code ES312
Subject Title Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics


Descriptive introduction to the contents of the universe: solar system, planets, satellites, comets and asteroids, exoplanets, types and population of stars, color-magnitude diagram and the main sequence, different types of galaxies and their contents, clusters of galaxies, need for dark matter, hot gaseous nebulae, dust clouds, Scales: Mass, distance and luminosity scales, Astronomers’ units Source of information in Astronomy: Radiation from astronomical sources, primary continuum and spectral line processes, propagation effects, telescopes and detectors at various wavelengths, Astronomy from Space Dynamics: Primacy of Gravity, Introduction to General Relativity, Effective potential in Schwarzschild metric, Black Holes, Orbital precession, gravitational lensing, gravitational waves, Virial theorem and gravitational collapse. Thermodynamics: Heating and Cooling of gas, Ionization and Thermal equilibrium, diffuse matter, HII regions, shock-heated gas, non-thermal distribution of particles and radiation from them Combined Thermal, Mechanical and Radiative Equilibrium: Equations of stellar structure, Dimensional study stellar properties, Mass-Radius and Mass-Luminosity relations, HR diagram, Degenerate matter Equation of State, introduction to Mass limits of degenerate stars, Nucleosynthesis stages, qualitative description of stellar evolution. Evolution of the Universe: Hubble’s law, Concept of Big Bang, Evolution of scale factor, density and temperature, primordial nucleosynthesis and cosmic background radiation, qualitative description of structure formation, formation of stars and galaxies, reionization of the universe, expansion history, need for Dark Energy.

Text Books

1. BW Carroll & DA Ostlie, An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics, Latest Edition, Addison-Wesley.
2. Frank Shu, The Physical Universe, Latest Edition, University Science Books
3. Martin Harwit, Astrophysical Concepts, Latest Edition, Springer.
4. T. Padmanabhan, Invitation to Astrophysics, Latest Edition, World Scientific Publishing Co.
5. T. Padmanabhan, Theoretical Astrophysics vols 1-3, Latest Edition, Cambridge University Press.
6. Malcolm Longair, High Energy Astrophysics, vols 1-2, Latest Edition, Cambridge University Press.
7. Sparke and Gallaghar, Galaxies in the Universe: An Introduction, Latest Edition, Cambridge University Press.
8. Dina Prialnik: An Introduction to the Theory of Stellar


Same as Text Books