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  • 8:00 PM, Monday, 18 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code MA875
Subject Title Topological Data Analysis


Basics of Topology; complexes on data; homology; topological Persistence; computing Betti
numbers; reconstruction from data; topology inference from data; computing optimized homol-
ogy cycles; reeb graphs from data; topology of Laplace operators, spectra approximation

Text Books

1. Edelsbrunner, H. and Harer, J. L., Computational Topology, American Mathematical Soci- ety
2. Dey, T. K., Curve and Surface Reconstruction: Algorithms with Mathematical Analysis,
Cambridge Univ. Press (2011).
3. Hatcher, A., Algebraic Topology, Cambridge Univ. Press (2001).