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  • 9:53 PM, Sunday, 20 Sep 2020

Course Postgraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code ESG668
Subject Title Remote sensing and GIS for environmental and natural resource management


Role of remote sensing in agriculture and soil– SpectralSignatures of vegetation and vegetation/soil indices - application in agriculture: Crop production forecasting, assessment and monitoring of crop growth, damage - Cropping Systems Analysis. Spectral signatures of soil – estimation of nutrient, soil moisture content - passive and active remote sensing methods National missions on agriculture and soil; production forecast (FASAL) Crop Identification Technology Assessment for Remote Sensing (CITARS) NBSS mapping.

 Forest inventory and monitoring – species composition - forest fire forecasting - Environmental and Climate Change on of forest/ ecological system. Retrieval and modeling of biophysical, biochemical parameters. Techniques for forewarning Pests and Diseases - Ecosensitive zonation – Biomass/ carbon accounting– biodiversity mapping, habitat mapping and zonation - Environment Information System (ENVIS)- environment impact assessment, environment degradation and pollution .

Text Books

Remote sensing of vegetation: principles, techniques and applications. Hamlyn G. Jones and Robin A Vaughan, Oxford University Press, Oxford