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  • 1:14 PM, Tuesday, 21 Sep 2021

Course Undergraduate
Semester Sem. VI
Subject Code ES321
Subject Title Introduction to Space Vehicles


Astronomy: overview of astronomy – know the sky – coordinate system – telescopes – flux magnitudes – stars, formation – solar system.

Atmospheric Science: earth’s atmosphere, structure, classification, constituents – greenhouse effect – radiation budget – differential heating – general circulation – cloud formation and

classification – solar radiation – interaction with planetary atmosphere.

Remote Sensing: basic concepts of remote sensing and data acquisition – satellite data processing – definition, need – examples of satellite data at different stages of correction.

Orbital Mechanics ans Satellites: Kepler’s laws of planetary motion – equations of motion –orbit determination – concept of subsatellite point and ground trace – propagation of statevector from epoch to any desired time. Concept of attitude of satellite: impact of positive and negative roll, pitch and yaw on the image. Different types of sensors used: pushbroom whiskbroom, 2 D array, mirror scan – concept of integration time – instantaneous field of view– quantisation – resolution, spatial, temporal, radiometric and spectral. Choice of orbits: low earth orbiting – sun synchronous – definition – need and how to achieve the same –geostationary orbits.

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