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  • 8:45 PM, Friday, 22 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code CHM867
Subject Title Paints and Coatings


Introduction-concepts & terminologies, Concept of Dyes & Pigments driers, additives, solvents, plasticizers, Chemistry and Technology of resins-Natural & synthetic, processing techniques, properties, manufacturing of paints & applications of resins for surface coatings. Coil Coating, UV cured coating, Waterborne PU Coatings, Non Stick coatings, Smart Coatings, Hygienic Coatings, protective coatings, marine coatings, automotive and aerospace coatings, Characteristics and characterization of surface coatings


Detailed Version

Introduction:Concepts & terminologies, Interfacial tension, Free energy changes, wetting, dispersion, adhesion, Chemistry & Technology of Surfactants

Concept of Dyes & Pigments: Theory of Color; Important Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Pigments, Analysis & testing of pigments Inorganic Pigments; Chemistry, Properties and Applications of carbon black, metallic and metal oxide pigments, Resinated pigments, Organic Pigments, High Performance Pigments & Special Effect  Pigments (IR Reflective, anticorrosive, thermo chromic, pearlescent etc), driers, additives, solvents, plasticizers.

Chemistry and Technology of resins: Natural resins like rosin, shellac, Bitumen, Asphalts and Coal tar – Their modifications & uses Chemistry and Technology of Synthetic resins viz. Alkyds, Polyester, Phenolics, Amino, Acrylic & Vinyl resins: Raw materials for these resins, Chemistry of synthesis of these resins, processing techniques, properties & applications of these resins for surface coatings.

Manufacture of paints & powder coatings: Powder Coatings, dry distempers, cement paints, oil based distempers and paints, other stiff paints, putties. marking and labeling of packaged products, Solvent emission, recovery and disposal, environmental, health and safety issues

Various surface coatings: Preparation and characteristics of Coil Coating, UV cured coating, Waterborne PU Coatings, Non Stick coatings, Smart Coatings, super hydrophobic coatings, electrowetting, Hygienic Coatings,protective coatings, marine coatings, automotive and aerospace coatings

Study of important characteristics of surface coating : Rheological properties, Optical Properties, Adhesion and Mechanical properties, Corrosion and Chemical resisting properties, Film thickness, Liquid Paint analysis according to ASTM, BIS and BS Standards, Characterization of Varnishes according to ASTM, BIS and BSS Standards

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