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  • 9:46 PM, Friday, 22 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code CHM877
Subject Title Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems


Basic concepts, Primary and Secondary cells, Materials for batteries, supercapacitors and fuel cells, Electrochemical energy storage systems, Design, fabrication, operation and Evaluation; Safety and tolerance


Detailed version

Basic concepts: Reversible cells and irreversible cell reactions, Parameters for  characterizing batteries

Batteries: Primary and Secondary cells, Chemistry and materials used for various components

(electrodes, electrolytes, separator and binders) of different types of batteries: Leclanche/Dry/Alkaline cell, Silver cell, Mercury cell, Lead-acid battery: safety and design; Edison Cell, Ni-Cd battery, Ni Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) battery, Ni-Hydrogen battery, Sodium-Sulfur battery, Lithium-ion/Lithium-polymer/ Li-S battery, Metal-air batteries and its applications

Performance & Manufacturing of batteries: Charge-Discharge characteristics, Energy/power density, overcharging, Mechanics of battery cells and materials, Manufacturing of batteries. Battery safety and Abuse tolerance, Coupling with other energy storage devices.

 Super/ultracapacitors: Fundamentals of Electrochemical Supercapacitors, Electrode and electrolyte interfaces and their capacitances, Charge-Discharge characteristics, Energy/power density, Design, Fabrication, operation and evaluation, Thermal management; Supercapacitor stack manufacturing and construction, Coupling with batteries and fuel cells; Applications

Fuel cells: Overview of key fuel cell technologies- various types of fuel cells, materials for electrodes, electrolytes and other components, working  mechanisms, hydrogen generation and storage; limitations, recent progress in fuel cells.

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