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  • 8:26 PM, Saturday, 16 Oct 2021

Course Undergraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code AExxx
Subject Title Theory of Plasticity & Metal Forming


Concepts of stress and strain, state of stress in two and three dimensions, Hydrostatic and deviatoric stress, flow curves, yielding criteria, octahedral shear stress and shear strain, stress invariants, Plastic stress - strain relations, Fundamentals of metal working - Extrusion, rolling, wire drawing, Forging, Mechanics of meal working by slab method, Tension testing.

Text Books

1. George E.Dieter, Mechanical Metallurgy, McGraw Hill Education; Third edition (1 July 2017)
2. Thomas Courtney, Mechanical Behaviour of materials, Waveland Press, Inc.; 2 edition
3. Andrzej Sluzalec, Theory of Metal Forming Plasticity: Classical and Advanced Topics, Springer; 1st ed. 2004 edition
4. Chakrabarty, Theory of plasticity, Elsevier; Third edition (20 August 2007)
5. Sadhu Singh, Theory of Plasticity and Metal Forming Processes, Khanna Publishers (2003)