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  • 9:19 PM, Tuesday, 26 Oct 2021

Course Dual Degree (B. Tech + Master of Science / Master of Technology)
Semester Electives
Subject Code ESE471
Subject Title Land – Atmosphere Interaction Dynamics


Introduction to hydrometeorology, hydrologic and bio geochemical cycles, Water vapour in atmosphere, Vertical gradients in atmosphere, Atmospheric Boundary Layer, Surface Energy balances, Sensible heat flux, Latent heat flux, heat budgets, Plant canopy interactions with the atmosphere. Evaporation, evapotranspiration and their measurements, empirical equations, potential evapotranspiration, Global carbon cycling, Leaf energy fluxes, vegetation dynamics, Canopy processes and Canopy resistance. LAI measurements using satellite remote sensing, Carbon cycle feedback to climate system, Soil vegetation Atmosphere transfer schemes. Introduction to climate system, Land – Climate interactions. Land use Land cover change, Urbanization, Effects on climate system. Application of Satellite remote sensing in LULC changes. Numerical Modelling of Land Atmosphere interaction, Subgrid scale variability of land surface features

Text Books