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  • 8:17 PM, Saturday, 16 Oct 2021

Course Undergraduate
Semester Sem. V
Subject Code AV315
Subject Title Automatic Control


Examples of controlled systems, open loop and feedback control, control system components – modeling of physical systems, block diagrams – review of Laplace transform, transfer function – time domain and frequency domain responses – stability, poles and zeros, Routh-Hurwitz cri- terion – root locus – Bode plot, Nyquist criterion – PID controller, lead and lag compensators – examples from aerospace and mechanical systems – introductions to state-space representa- tion – stability criterion – concepts of controllability and observabilty.

Text Books

• D’Azzo, H., Feedback Control System Analaysis and Synthesis , CRC Press (2007)


1. Ogata, K., Modern Control Engineering , 5 th ed., Pearson Education (2009).

2. Gopal, M., Control Systems: Principles and Design , 3 rd ed., Tata McGraw-Hill (2008).

3. Xue, D., Chen, YQ., and Atherton, D. P., Linear Feedback Control Analysis and Design with MATLAB , SIAM (2007)