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  • 1:28 PM, Tuesday, 21 Sep 2021

Course Undergraduate
Semester Sem. VI
Subject Code HS321
Subject Title Principles of Management Systems


Industrial Management: development of management thought – management functions – planning – organizing power and authority – organization structures – span of control – delegation, leadership, directing and controlling – management by objectives – forecasting models – functional areas of management – entrepreneurship.

Personnel Management: characteristics of R&D projects – development of project network – project representation – project scheduling – linear time, cost trade-offs in projects – project monitoring and control with PERT – resource leveling – break even analysis – application of linear programming in resource allocations – simplex method.

Human Resource Management: personnel management – functions of HRM-assignment of people to projects – man power planning – workers participation in management-grievance handling – performance appraisal – organizing for maximum performance: quality of work life, job rotation, job enrichment.

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