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  • 6:40 AM, Thursday, 01 Oct 2020

Course Undergraduate
Semester Sem. I
Subject Code CHxxx
Subject Title Environmental Science and Engineering


Awareness of the impact of environment on quality of life – natural resources – biological systems – bio-geo chemical cycles – chemical processes; water treatment operations, water sampling, storage, quality measurement – oxygen demand – detection of pollutants – current environmental issues; pollutants, global warming, causes and consequences, air pollution, organic and inorganic air pollutants, smog-acid mine drainage, accumulation of salts in water – soil formation; micro and macro nutrients in soil, pollutants in soil – green chemistry- an alternative tool for reducing pollution – engineering interventions; flow sheets, waste minimization, e-waste management, ASP, reverse osmosis, trickling filter – environmental management; solid, liquid waste management, hazardous wastes, ISO standards – Kyoto protocol, Montreal protocol, Euro norms.

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