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  • 11:03 PM, Saturday, 25 Jan 2020

Course Postgraduate
Semester Sem. II
Subject Code CHM621
Subject Title Processing and Design of Materials


Introduction to materials processing; Polymer processing, rheology of polymeric materials, Compounding and processing of plastics and rubbers, fibre spinning and manufacturing processes. Ceramic processing, Pressing, CIP, HIP, Slurry processing, Slip casting, Pressure casting, Tape casting, Gel casting, Rapid prototyping,Sol-gel processing, Thermal and plasma spraying, Thick and thin film coatings; Metallic processing, Casting process, Solidification and volume shrinkage, Casting design and defects; Fundamentals of deformation processing, Hot and cold working, Metal removal process; Introduction to nontraditional machining; Metal joining process, Welding, Brazing and soldering; Introduction to powder Metallurgy; Design aspects, Materials selection and design, Normalization of properties, Weighting factors, Materials performance index; Design of engineering structures, Case studies, Modern metallic, Ceramic, Polymeric and biomaterials devices and components

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