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  • 2:40 PM, Tuesday, 21 Sep 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Sem. II
Subject Code ESG625
Subject Title Analysis and Modelling of Geospatial Data


Spatial data representation – discrete Euclidean plane/ geometric domain/ discritisation of arcs – spatial object domain: vector data models: spaghetti, arc – node , DCEL – field based model: tasseled representation, triangulation, voronoi, Delaunay triangulation – geometric algorithms, topological  and set based algorithms – network analysis, traveling salesperson algorithm – spatial analysis: interpolation methods, deterministic, stochastic, geostatistics, spatial autocorrelation, semi-variogram, kriging, types of kriging – uncertainty and its assessment.

Text Books
  1. GIS : A computing perspectives, Second edition by MichealWorboys and Matt Duckham CRC Press 2004
  2. Geospatial analysis, 5th Edition – de Smith, Goodchild, Longley http://www.spatial
  3. Geostatistics for Environmental Scientists, Second Edition by Richard Webster and MargaratA . Oliver, John Wiley and Sons Ltd.