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  • 7:40 PM, Saturday, 16 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Sem. I
Subject Code AVD611
Subject Title Advanced Signal Analysis and Processing


Review of basic DSP concepts: Transform and their properties -Transform Analysis of LTI system: Phase and Magnitude response of system, Minimum phase, maximum phase, Allpass - FIR, IIR filter design: design by Windowing, Impulse invariant and bilinear transformation - Multirate signal Processing: Interpolation, Decimation, sampling rate conversion,  Filterbank design, Polyphase structures - Adaptive Filter theory : Wiener filters, LMS and RLS, Linear Prediction.

Text Books

1. Proakis, John G. - Digital signal processing: principles algorithms and applications,  PHI.

2. Oppenheim, Alan V - Discrete-time signal processing, Pearson Education India.

3.Vaidyanathan, Parishwad P - Multirate systems and filter banks, Pearson Education India.

4.Vaidyanathan, Palghat P- The theory of linear prediction,  Morgan and Claypool Publishers.

5.Haykin, Simon S. -  Adaptive filter theory, Pearson Education India