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  • 7:50 PM, Saturday, 16 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Sem. II
Subject Code AVD623
Subject Title Communication Systems ‐ II


Wireless Communications and Diversity: Introduction to 3G/4G Standards, Wireless Channel and Fading, Rayleigh Fading and BER of Wired Communication, BER for Wireless Communication. Introduction to Diversity, Multi-antenna Maximal Ratio Combiner, BER with Diversity, Spatial Diversity and Diversity Order. Broadband Wireless Channel Modeling: Wireless Channel and Delay Spread, Coherence Bandwidth of the Wireless Channel, ISI and Doppler in Wireless Communications, Doppler Spectrum and Jakes Model. Spread spectrum: PN Sequences, DSSS with BPSK, Signal space dimensionality and processing gain, Frequency-Hop SS. CDMA- Introduction to CDMA, Multipath diversity, RAKE Receiver. OFDM: Introduction to OFDM, Multicarrier Modulation and Cyclic Prefix, Channel model and SNR performance, OFDM Issues – PAPR, Frequency and Timing Offset Issues, channel estimation. MIMO: Introduction to MIMO, MIMO Channel Capacity, SVD and Eigenmodes of the MIMO Channel, MIMO Spatial Multiplexing – BLAST, MIMO Diversity – Alamouti, OSTBC, MRT, MIMO ‐ OFDM. UWB (Ultra wide Band): UWB Definition and Features, UWB Wireless Channels, UWB Data Modulation, Uniform Pulse Train, Bit‐Error Rate Performance of UWB.

Text Books

1.Fundamentals of Wireless Communications – David Tse and Pramod Viswanath, Publisher ‐ Cambridge University Press.

2.Wireless Communications: Principles and Practice –Theodore Rappaport ‐ Prentice Hall.

3. Wireless Communications: Andrea Goldsmith, Cambridge University Press.

4. MIMO Wireless Communications – Ezio Biglieri – Cambridge University Press

5.Modern Wireless Communications- Simon Haykin and Michael Moher, Person Education, 2007

6.Kamilo Feher-Wireless Digital Communications: Modulation and Spread Spectrum Techniques, Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1995