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  • 9:58 PM, Friday, 22 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Sem. I
Subject Code ESA614
Subject Title Computational Astrophysics


Overview of numerical computation - Simple problems: data sorting, root finding etc. - Numerical solutions of algebraic equations - Numerical integration, interpolation/extrapolation - Numerical differentiation - Ordinary differential equations - Partial differential equations - Statistics, Least-squares fitting - Data crunching, dealing large data set - Fourier transform - Advanced Applications in Astrophysics: N-Body Methods, Hydrodynamics - Monte Carlo Methods

Text Books

Same as Reference


1. Numerical Recipes in C, The Art of Scientific Computing, W.H. Press et al.
2. Numerical Methods in astrophysics: An Introduction, Bodenheimer et al., Taylor & Francis, 2007
3. Astrophysics with a PC: An Introduction to Computational Astrophysics, P. Hellings, Willmann-Bell, 1994
4. Data Reduction and Error Analysis for Physical Sciences, P. R. Bevington & K.K. Robinson, McGraw-Hill, 2003