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  • 7:31 PM, Monday, 18 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Sem. I
Subject Code AVC614
Subject Title Principles of Feedback Control


Basics of feedback control: History and motivation for feedback; terminologies, Frequency response, Stability concepts, Bandwidth, Transient response, Closed loop design specifications w.r.t tracking and disturbance rejection, Sensitivity to parameter variations.

Limitations of performance in SISO Feedback systems: Four closed loop transfer functions,Time domain design limitations‐ Integrators and overshoots, Open RHP poles and overshoots,Open RHP zeros and undershoots, Frequency domain design specifications, Algebraic design tradeoffs, Analytic design tradeoffs, The Bode gain‐phase relation, The Bode sensitivity integral, The Poisson sensitivity integral, The Middleton Complementary sensitivity integral, The Poisson complementary sensitivity integral, Sensor noise vs. plant disturbance tradeoffs, uncertainty and other factors which impose fundamental limits on feedback performance.

Uncertainty and Robustness for SISO Feedback systems: Stability robustness & performance robustness; real uncertainty; complex uncertainty; multiplicative and additive uncertainty,Bandwidth limitations, examples.

Properties of MIMO Feedback systems: SISO Analysis of MIMO stability robustness, MIMO stability robustness, MIMO generalization of the stability radius, Singular values and gain of a MIMO system, Singular values and Control authority.

Set point tracking for MIMO systems: Pre compensation and integral control for and MIMO system, Feasibility of set point tracking‐ Zeros of MIMO system, Zeros and feasibility, Integral control and state estimation, Feed forward with integral control, Tracking vs. Disturbance rejection.

Limitations on Performance in MIMO Feedback systems: Sensitivity and complementary sensitivity matrices and tradeoffs; zeros and poles, disturbance tradeoffs, uncertainty and otherfactors which impose fundamental limits on feedback performance in the MIMO case. The role and use of singular values.

Text Books
  1. J.S. Freudenberg with C.V.Hollot and D.P. Looze, A first graduate course in feedback control, ebook.
  2. S Skogestad and I. Postlethwaite, Multivariable Feedback Control, Analysis and design,second edition. New York: Wiley, 2005
  3. J. M. Maceijowski, Multi‐Variable Feedback Design, Addision‐Wesely Pub, 1989.
  4. L. Greensite, Analysis and Design of Space Vehicle Flight Control Systems ‐ Vol 1‐ Short Period Dynamics, NASA.

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