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  • 7:49 PM, Monday, 18 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Sem. II
Subject Code AVC621
Subject Title Optimal Control Systems


Basic mathematical concepts: Finite dimensional optimization, Infinite dimensional optimization, Conditions for optimality, Performance measures for optimal control problems.

Dynamic programming: The optimal control law, The principle of optimality, Dynamic programming concept, Recurrence relation, computational procedure, The Hamilton‐Jacobi‐Bellman equations.

Calculus of variations: Examples of variational problems, Basic calculus of variations problem,Weak and strong extrema, Variable end point problems, Hamiltonian formalism and mechanics:Hamilton’s canonical equations.

From Calculus of variations to Optimal control: Necessary conditions for strong extrema, Calculus of variations versus optimal control, optimal control problem formulation and assumptions, Variational approach to the fixed time, free end point problem.

The Pontryagin’s Minimum principle: Statement of Minimum principle for basic fixed end point and variable end point control problems, Proof of the minimum principle, Properties of the

Hamiltonian, Time optimal control problems.

The Linear Quadratic Regulator: Finite horizon LQR problem‐ Candidate optimal feedback law, Ricatti differential equations (RDE), Global existence of solution for the RDE. Infinite horizon LQR problem‐ Existence and properties of the limit, solution, closed loop stability. Examples:Minimum energy control of a DC motor, Active suspension with optimal linear state feedback, Frequency shaped LQ Control.

LQR using output feedback: Output feedback LQR design equations, Closed loop stability, Solution of design equations, example.

Linear Quadratic tracking control: Tracking a reference input with compensators of known structure, Tracking by regulator redesign, Command generator tracker, Explicit model following design.

Linear‐Quadratic‐Guassian controller (LQG) and Kalman‐Bucy Filter: LQG control equations, estimator in feedback loop, steady state filter gain, constraints andminimizing control, state estimation using Kalman‐Bucy Filter, constraints and optimal control

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