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  • 7:28 PM, Monday, 18 Oct 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Sem. II
Subject Code AVC623
Subject Title Robust Control Design


Basics: Control system representations, System stabilities, Coprime factorization and stabilizing controllers, Signals and system norms

Modelling of uncertain systems: Unstructured Uncertainties, Parametric uncertainty, Linear fractional transformation, Structured uncertainties.

Robust design specifications: Small gain theorem and robust stabilization, Performance considerations, Structured singular values.

Design: Mixed sensitivity optimization, 2‐Degree of freedom design, Sub‐optimal solutions, Formulae for discrete time cases.

Loop‐ shaping design procedures: Robust stabilization against Normalized coprime factor perturbation, Loop shaping design procedures, Formulae for discrete time cases.

m‐ Analysis and Synthesis: Consideration of robust performance, m‐synthesis: D‐K iteration method, m‐synthesis: m ‐K iteration method.

Lower‐order controllers: Absolute error approximation methods like Balanced truncation, Singular perturbation approximation and Hankel‐norm approximation, Reduction via fractional

factors, Relative error approximation and frequency weighted approximation methods.

Design case studies: Robust Control of a mass damper spring system, A triple inverted pendulum control system, Robust control of a hard disk drive.

Linear Matrix Inequalities: Some standard LMI problems – eigen‐value problems,generaliszed eigen‐value problems; Algorithms to solve LMI problems – Ellipsoid algorithm, interior point methods.

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