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  • 10:24 PM, Monday, 20 Sep 2021

Department of Aerospace Engineering
Bijudas C.R., Ph.D.
Associate Professor

  • PhD , Aerospace Engineering (IIT Bombay, Mumbai)
  • ME,  Aerospace Engineering (IISc, Bangalore)
  • B.Tech,  Mechanical Engineering (Govt. College of Engg., Kannur /Univ. of Calicut)

Course Offered
  • Postgraduate: Structural Dynamics, Mechanics of Composite Materials, Smart Materials and Structures
  • Undergraduate : Aerospace Structures, Mechanisms and Machine Theory, Mechanics of Solids, Engineering Mechanics, Applied Dynamics and Vibration

  • Assistant Professor at IIST, Trivandrum, 2015-2020
  • Reader at IIST, Trivandrum, 2007-2015
  • Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram, 2001-2007.
  • Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering, Govt. Engineering College, Kozhikode, 2001.
  • Project Engineer, Bharat Heavy Plate & Vessels Ltd, Visakhapatnam (Now BHEL), 1997-2001.

Research Work / Area
  • Structural Health Monitoring, Lamb waves, Energy harvesting, Smart Structures
  • Modeling of Composite Materials.


Journal of Aerospace Engineering (ASCE), 2020 Best paper award (Honorable mention)

Journal Papers

  1. Abhilash Skariah, Pradeep R, Rejith R, Bijudas C R (2021) Health monitoring of rolling element bearings using improved wavelet cross spectrum technique and support vector machines, Tribology International, 154, 106650
  2. Mohammed Aslam, Bijudas C R, Praveen Nagarajan, Mini Remanan (2020). Numerical and experimental investigation of nonlinear Lamb wave mixing at low frequency.  ASCE Journal of Aerospace Engineering,  33(4), 04020037
  3. Rautela, M., & Bijudas, C. R. (2019). Electromechanical admittance based integrated health monitoring of adhesive bonded beams using surface bonded piezoelectric transducers. International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives, 94, 84-98
  4. Guha, A. and Bijudas, C.R., (2018) Influence of modal characteristics of a partially debonded piezoelectric transducer in higher and subharmonic modes generated in Lamb wave. Structural Control and Health Monitoring, 25(10), p.e2239.
  5. C R Bijudas, M Mitra and P M Mujumdar (2013) Time reversed Lamb wave for damage detection in a stiffened aluminum plate, Smart Materials and Structures, 22 (10), 105026
  6. C R Bijudas, M Mitra and P M Mujumdar (2013) Coupling effect of piezoelectric wafer transducers in distortions of primary Lamb wave modes, Smart Materials and Structures, 22 (6), 065007
  7. B Poddar, C R Bijudas, M Mitra and P M Mujumdar (2012) Damage detection in a woven fabric composite Laminate using time reversed Lamb wave, Structural Health Monitoring, 11(5), 602-612

Conference Papers

  1. Sathish S Murugesan, Renjith Thomas, C R Bijudas, P Jayesh (July, 2020) Non-linear SHM Based Damage Detection in Doubly-Curved-Shells, European Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring, Springer, 161-171.
  2. Ajin Ghosh KK, Pradeep Kumar, C R Bijudas, V Seena (March, 2020) Performance study of valveless travelingwave piezoelectric pump in microchannels, 5th Fluid and Thermal Engineering Conference (TFEC)
  3. S Hari Krishna, S Sridhar, K M Usha, C R Bijudas, Priyadarshan H and A Rajarajan (July, 2019) Detection of embedment of plastic protective film in a composite sandwich structure ‐ a case study, Indian conference on applied mechanics INCAM 2019, IISc Bangalore
  4. Krishna R, Bijudas C R (July, 2019) No-linear T shaped magneto-elastic piezoelectric vibration energy harvester, Indian conference on applied mechanics INCAM 2019, IISc Bangalore
  5. Shaifalee Saxena, Jayesh, Bijudas C.R., M. Rautela, Vivek S.A. (December, 2018 ) Enhanced online damage detection using frequency mixed and time reversed guided waves in doubly curved shells, Second international conference on structural integrity, IIT Madras
  6. Mahindra Singh Rautela, Bijudas C.R. (May,2018 ) Influence of piezoelectric transducer damage and disbonds on structural damage signatures using E/M method, ASCE-EMI, MIT Cambridge
  7. Alok Kumar, Anurup Guha, S Rao, R Narayanan, C R Bijudas, S Anup (December, 2017) Study of stress/strain transfer in carbon reinforced epoxy model composite using micro Raman spectroscopy, International conference on composite materials and structures - ICCMS 2017, Hyderabad
  8. Jayesh P, Bijudas C R (July,2016 ), Online damage detection in metallic cylindrical shells using guided wave modes by time reversal method, First structural integrity conference and exhibition,  Bangalore (InSIS , IISc and IIT Madras)
  9. Jayesh P, Bijudas C R (July,2016 ), Finite element simulation of induced guided wave modes in isotropic cylindrical shells,  6th international congress on computational mechanics and simulation, IIT Bombay
  10. Jayesh P, Bijudas C R ( January,2016), In-situ damage detection in metallic cylindrical shells using guided wave modes by time reversal method,  7th international conference on creep, fatigue and creep-fatigue interaction, IGCAR, Kalpakkam
  11. Guha, A., & Bijudas, C. R. (2016, April). Higher and sub-harmonic Lamb wave mode generation due to debond-induced contact nonlinearity, SPIE Smart Structures and Materials+ Nondestructive Evaluation and Health Monitoring. International Society for Optics and Photonics, Las Vegas, USA
  12. Bijudas C R and Navneetha Krishnan J (March,2015 ), Influence of higher harmonics in time reversed Lamb wave generated and sensed using de-bonded piezoelectric wafers, SPIE Smart structures /NDE, San Diego, USA
  13. Navaneetha Krishnan J and Bijudas C R (November,2014 ),  Lamb wave propagation in woven fabric composite, ISAMPE National conference on composites, VSSC, Trivandrum
  14. B Poddar, C R Bijudas, M Mitra and P M Mujumdar (2011) Time reversibility of Lamb wave in composite plate, International Conference on Composites for 21st Century, Current & Future Trends, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore


  1. Renjith Thomas (On going)
  2. Vishnu Harikumar (On going)
  3. S Harikrishna (Part-Time, ISRO)
  4. Vivek S A (Part-Time, ISRO)

MTech Dissertation

  1. Navneetha Krishnan J (2015, FeatherDyn, Kochi)
  2. Jayesh P (2016, LPSC, ISRO)
  3. Anurup Guha (2016, PhD Scholar, Penn State University, PA, USA)
  4. Manoj Kumar P (2017, LPSC, ISRO)
  5. Bharath Kumar H (2017, TCS)
  6. Mahindra Singh R (2018, PhD Scholar, IISc, Bengaluru)
  7. Krishna R (2019, PhD Scholar, IISc, Bengaluru)
  8. Abhilash Skariah (2019, IISU, ISRO)
  9. Sathish Subbaiah M

BTech Dissertation

  1. Vaibhav Amalak Ahire (ISRO)
  2. Yogesh (ISRO)
  3. Birendra  Oraon (ISRO)
  4. Mohammed Waseem and P Dileep Kumar (Co-advisor:  V V Ramakrishna) (ISRO)
  5. A V Poorna Kumar (ISRO)
  6. Divyanshu Poddar (Co-advisor: N Viswanath) (Founder, Rocketeers)
  7. Mariya Ratlami (ISRO)
  8. Shaifalee Saxena (TCS)
  9. U Prudhvi Sai (ISRO)
  10. Y Deva Sudharshan (ISRO)
  11. G V Raghu (Co-advisor) (ISRO)