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  • 11:34 PM, Monday, 20 Sep 2021

Department of Aerospace Engineering
Manu K Vasudevan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Fax: /

  • PhD: Indian Institute of Science (2013)
  • M Tech: College of Engineering Trivandrum (2005)
  • B Tech: Goverment Engineering College Thrissur (2003)

Course Offered
  • Post Graduate : Compressible Fluid Flow, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Microscale and Nanoscale Heat Transfer  
  • Under Graduate: Fluid Mechanics

  • Associate Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering, IIST, Thiruvananthapuram (2021 onwards)
  • Assistant Professor: Department of Aerospace Engineering, IIST, Thiruvananthapuram (2016-20)
  • Assistant Professor: Department of Mechanical Engineering, BMS College of Engineering Bangalore (2015-16)
  • Post Doctoral fellow: Indian Institute of Science (2013-15)
  • Lecturer: IHRD College of Engineering chengannur (2005-06)

Research Work / Area
  • Flow instability and transition to turbulence, Boundary layer flows, Stratified flows, Experimental fluid mechanics, Convective Heat transfer
Journal publications
  1. Surendra Singh and K. V. Manu "Three-dimensional thermocline dynamics in thermal storage tanks"Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics (Accepted): 2021
  2. Anek V Pillai and K. V. Manu "Analytical solutions for unsteady pipe flows with slip boundary conditions"Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics 13(3) 1015-26: 2020
  3. K. V. Manu, J Dey, J Mathew " Boundary layer Transition experiments with embedded streamwise vortices" Sadhana,43:165 2018  
  4. S Advaith, K. V. Manu, Ashay Tinaikar, U Chetia, S Basu ``Interaction of Vortex Ring with a Stratified Finite Thickness Interface" Physics of Fluids 29 (9), 093602, 2017
  5. Sandeep Hatte, Carolina Mira-Hernández, S Advaith, Aashay Tinaikar, Utpal Kumar Chetia, K.V. Manu, Kamanio Chattopadhyay, Justin A Weibel, Suresh V Garimella, Vinod Srinivasan, Saptarshi Basu, ``Short and long-term sensitivity of lab-scale thermocline based thermal storage to flow disturbances'', Applied thermal Engineering, 2016 
  6.  Aashay Tinaikar, S. Advaith, Utpal Kumar Chetia, K.V. Manu, Saptarshi Basu, ``Spatio-temporal disruption of thermocline by successive laminar vortex pairs in a single tank thermal energy storage'', Applied thermal Engineering, 2016 
  7. K.V. Manu, P Deshmukh, S Basu, ``Rayleigh–Taylor instability in a thermocline based thermal storage tank'' International Journal of Thermal Sciences 100, 333-345, 2016
  8. K.V. Manu, J Dey, J Mathew ``Local structure of boundary layer transition in experiments with a single streamwise vortex'' Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 68, 381-391, 2015
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  10. K.V. Manu, J Mathew, J Dey,  ``Evolution of isolated streamwise vortices in the late stages of boundary layer transition'' ,Experiments in fluids 48 (3), 431-440, 2010
Selected Conference publications

  1. Prateek, Manu K. V., UtpalChetia &SaptarshiBasu, Transient dynamics of TES under external perturbations, ASME-ATI-UIT 2015 Conference on ThermalEnergy Systems: Production, Storage, Utilization and the Environment, 17- 20 May, 2015,Napoli, Italy.
  2. Manu K. V., Joseph Mathew & Dey JTransition experiments with streamwise vortices in subcritical boundary layers Turbulence and shear flow phenomena 2012 TSFP 8, Poitiers 
  3. Manu K. V., Joseph Mathew & Dey J., Experiments on the late stages ofboundary layer transition, Turbulence and shear flow phenomena, 2009 TSFP 6,Seoul.
  4. Utpal Chetia, Manu K. V., Adwaaith, Prateek, & Saptarshi Basu, Mixing dynamics across stratified interface. 23rd National Heat and Mass Transfer Conference and 1st International ISHMT-ASTFE Heat and Mass Transfer Conference IHMTC2015, 17-20 December, 2015, Thiruvananthapuram, India.
  5. Manu K. V., Dey J. & Joseph Mathew, Transition due to an isolated streamwise vortex in boundary layers, 36th Nat. Confc. Fluid Mech & Fluid power, December 17-19. Pune 2009
  6.  Advaith S , Aashay Tinaikar, Manu K. V. and   Saptarshi Basu, The growth and breakdown of a vortex-pair in a stably stratified fluid November 2017 Conference: 70th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, At Denver, Colorado, USA