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Aerospace Engineering - Laboratories : IIST
  • 9:34 PM, Monday, 21 Aug 2017

Department of Aerospace Engineering

The laboratories/research facilities are established under Department of Aerospace Engineering. Various experimental setups are developed in these labs to crater to the need of undergraduate and post graduate programs. In addition, several research facilities are also developed to support the research activities under the Department



Engineering Workshop

In this lab assembly-disassembly practices, welding, soldering, electrical wiring, drilling and other basic machining practices are carried out.


Strength of Materials Lab

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Engineering Drawing Lab

To get a practice on engineering drawing, which is referred as the language of engineers.


Thermal and Propulsion Lab

The lab offers experiments for undergraduate and post graduate students. B.Tech. students have laboratory sessions in their IV and VII semester of the study. The laboratory also facilitates various experiments during internships and miniprojects related to heat transfer, combustion, multiphase flow, propulsion and thermal engineering. The students can use and work with many flow, pressure and temperature measure sensors of industrial standards for their experiments. They could configure and acquire the signal from the sensors through any of the few different type data acquisition systems available.

Typical experiments included in their IV semester are performance analysis of multicylinder CRDI diesel engine and MPFI petrol engine, Performance analysis of two stage reciprocating air compressor and centrifugal blower etc. The experiments in the VII semester mainly include Performance characterization on a ramjet engine test rig, gas turbine test rig and axial flow fan. A compressible flow test rig permits study and characterization of flow through turbomachine rotors and subsonic nozzles.

As a part of the core laboratory course for M.Tech. Propulsion, the lab currently offers experiments in combustion and propulsion.


Computer Aided Design and Analysis Lab

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Manufacturing Processes Lab

This is one of the most important facilities established to cater to the needs of academic curriculum, research as well as other projects, wide across the institute. The major facilities in this lab include

  • Conventional Machine Tools : Universal Milling Machine, General Purpose Lathe, Drilling & Grinding Machines
  • CNC Machine Tools : CNC turn-mill centre, CNC Milling machines, CNC lathe, CNC grinding machines
  • CNC simulation trainer & Flexible Manufacturing System
  • Pick and Place industrial robots
  • Welding and Brazing and Gas cutting facilities: TIG, Arc and Oxy-Acetylene welding
  • Assembly-Disassembly section: Gear box, Cam assembly, Pump assembly, sensor kit etc.
  • Metal forming facility: Hydraulic Press
  • Rapid Prototyping Machine

The facilities in this lab are extensively used by the UG, PG and Ph.D students of IIST to perform various experimental trials as well as to develop experimental setups.

The first semester students of various branches at IIST undergo a basic set of exercises in this lab and it is the very first exposure for them to feel the essence of engineering. Aerospace students get an opportunity to work on CNC machines and other sophisticated systems in their higher semesters.

Manufacturing lab at IIST also support some of the ISRO activities related to Rapid Prototyping and general fabrication. Rapid prototyping supports are already being offered to various ISRO centres like LPSC and IISU for some of their important projects.


Heat Transfer Lab

The mission of the Heat Transfer Lab is to conduct fundamental and applied research in transport phenomena to support energy technologies, thermal management of space systems, and cryogenic engineering. This lab also caters to the needs of B.Tech. and M.Tech. students to complete their laboratory requirements. The experiments help the students to understand all heat transfer modes practically. These experiments also pave way for inculcating certain innovative skills in the students making them to use the above experimental setups as starting point to take up higher level experimental studies in Heat Transfer. Research in the lab today focuses mainly on film cooling processes applicable to rocket combustion chambers/gas turbines, thermal management of electronics and cryogenic flow systems.


Flight Mechanics Lab

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Material Characterization Lab

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Aerospace Structures Lab

The objective of the lab is to understand and reinforce the concepts of mechanics of structures, which have applications in Aerospace area. Students do a wide variety of experiments using the following equipments: Column buckling apparatus, Thin walled cylindrical pressure vessel apparatus, Unsymmetrical Bending and Shear Centre measurement Apparatus, Strain Gauge Trainer Apparatus, Shear force in a beam apparatus, Deflection of Beams & Cantilevers Apparatus and Continuous and Indeterminate Beam Apparatus.

In this lab, the post graduate students have the opportunity to work with advanced equipment normally used in research and development industries. The equipment include Micro Raman Spectrometer, Laser Doppler vibrometer, Measurement of wave propogation in plates apparatus and Finite element software ABAQUS. The experiments that are done includes determination of stress transfer in composites, Structural health monitoring and lamb waves in structures.


Aerodynamics Lab

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Fluid Mechanics Lab

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Metrology and Computer Aided Inspection Lab

The main objective of this lab is to crater the needs of B. Tech curriculum as well as to support various engineering measurements/inspection requirements at IIST. The major facilities include

  • Vision inspection system
  • Minor measuring instruments
  • Instruments for measuring geometrical features
  • Optical measuring systems


Advanced Propulsion and Laser Diagnostics Lab (Centre of Excellence)