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Department of Earth and Space Sciences

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  • Samir Mandal, Ph.D. Associate Professor & Head
  • Room No: R.203 ,D2
  • Email: samir
  • Tel : +91-471-2568520
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  • Anand Narayanan, Ph.D. Professor
  • Room No: R.313, SCIENCE BLOCK
  • Email: anand
  • Tel : +91-471-2568518
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  • Anandmayee Tej, Ph.D Professor
  • Room No: R.319,D2
  • Email: tej
  • Tel : +91-471-2568524
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  • Chandrasekar A., Ph.D. Outstanding Professor
  • Room No: R.217,D2
  • Email: chandra
  • Tel : +91-471-2568502
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  • Dr. Resmi Lekshmi Associate Professor
  • Room No: R.219 ,D2
  • Email: l.resmi
  • Tel : +91-471-2568540
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  • Gnanappazham L., Ph.D. Associate Professor
  • Room No: R.323 ,D2
  • Email: gnanam
  • Tel : +91-471-2568528
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  • Govindan Kutty M., Ph.D. Associate Professor
  • Room No: R.215,D2
  • Email: govind
  • Tel : +91-471-2568517
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  • Jagadheep D., Ph.D. Associate Professor
  • Room No: R.321 ,D2
  • Email: jagadheep
  • Tel : +91-471-2568526
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  • P.R. Sinha, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
  • Room No: R-318, D2
  • Email: prs
  • Tel : +91-471-2568523
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  • Rajesh V.J., Ph.D Associate Professor
  • Room No: R.317,D2
  • Email: rajeshvj
  • Tel : +91-471-2568522
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  • Rama Rao Nidamanuri, Ph.D. Professor
  • Room No: R.314, D2
  • Email: rao
  • Tel : +91-471-2568519
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  • Ramiya A.M., Ph.D. Assistant Professor
  • Room No: R.322,D2
  • Email: ramiya
  • Tel : +91-471-2568527
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  • Sarita Vig, Ph.D. Professor
  • Room No: R.320, Science Block
  • Email: sarita
  • Tel : +91-471-2568525
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  • Sayantani Ojha Assistant Professor
  • Room No: R.219, D2
  • Email: sayantaniojha
  • Tel : +91-471-2568511
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  • Vikram Khaire, Ph.D. Inspire Faculty
  • Room No: R-316, Science Block
  • Email: vikramkhaire
  • Tel :
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Former Faculty Members

Radhika Ramachandran (now at SPL, VSSC, Trivandrum)
N Padmanabhan
Saroj K Mishra (now at IIT, Delhi)
Poompavai V (now at RRSC, Bangalore)
Dr. Venkata Ramana M(now at NRSC Hyderabad)
Dr Ambili KM (Now at SPL,VSSC, Trivandrum)

Departments - ESS - People - Research Scholars

#Research scholarEmail IDResearch Area
1Sonu Tabita Paulson 6.7 GHz Methanol Masers and the early phases of Massive Stars
2Geethu Prabhakar Study of Hydrodynamic and Radiative Properties in Compact X-ray Binary Systems.
3Babitha George Atmospheric Science
4Sreelakshmi P Chakyar Physics of Gamma Ray Bursts
5Namitha Manifestation of interplay between Massive Stars and the ISM
6Rekha Bharali Ensemble-variational Data Assimilation in a Limited Area Mode.
7Aneesha of the Radiative Properties in Dise-Jet System Around Black Holes
8Deepak Assimilation of Satellite Observation using Sophisticated methods
9Aarthi Aishwarya. the Uncertainities in Geospatial Data & Geoprocessing
10Dubacharla sensor Image Fusion.
11Reji J  3D modelling of terrestrial laser scanning and hyperspectral imagery
12Malvika Bhat Integrating Air-and Space-Borne Spectroscopy and Laser Scanning to Assess Structural and Functional Characteristics of Crops and Field Margin Vegetation
13Manohar Kumar C V S S Multiresolution Pattern Recognition
14Sudhanshu Sekhar Jha Image Analysis and Parameters Retrieval.
15Asif  Iqbal Kakkassery Planetary Geosciences
16Tesniya P M Planetary Geosciences
17Arpita Munsi Atmospheric Modelling
18Debojit                                 Mesoscale Prediction of Extreme Weather Events.
19Abhijeet Kumar Radar Meteorology
Former Research Scholars
SI NoNameYear of CompletionResearch Area
1Bharath Bhushan2015Multiple classifier system for land use / land cover classification
2Arun Prasad K2016Hyperspectral remote Sensing of mangroves
3Dhanya M2016Data Assimilation for Mesoscale Weather Forecasting
4A M Ramiya2016LiDAR Remote sensing
5Mahima Singh2017Petrogenisis of Lunar and Martian Analogue Rocks in South India and its Implications
6Dhanya S Pankaj20173D Point cloud Registration
7Gopakumar G2017Feature Extraction and classification of Blood cells in Imaging flow cytometry.
8Swagat Ranjan Das2018Observational Studies of Galatic Star Forming Regions.
9Veena V S2018Study of Galactic Star forming Regions.
10Sachin P C2018Quaser Absorption Line Studies of Galaxies and the Intergalactic Medium

Departments - ESS - People - Master Students

Master's Students 2017
Sl No Name Email ID Programme
1 Jayakrishnan K U    M.Tech (Earth System sciences)
2 Priyanka M    M.Tech (Earth System sciences)
3 Yashas Shiva Murthy    M.Tech (Earth System sciences)
4 Rakesh S   M.Tech (Earth System sciences)
5 Anagha P   M.Tech (Geo Informatics)
6 Jalluri Chaitanya   M.Tech (Geo Informatics)
7 Neeraj Varma   M.Tech (Geo Informatics)
8 Shubham Agarwal   M.Tech (Geo Informatics)
9 Siraj Un Nabi   M.Tech (Geo Informatics)
10 Akriti Singh   M.S (Astronomy & Astrophysics)
11 Sarwar Khan   M.S (Astronomy & Astrophysics)
12 Ravishankar B T   M.S (Astronomy & Astrophysics)


Master's Students 2016
Sl No Name Email ID Programme
1. Prafull Chandra Pandey M.Tech (Earth System sciences)
2. Akshit Sharma M.Tech (Earth System sciences)
3. Anjusha Mathew M.Tech (Earth System sciences)
4. Arti  Jadav M.Tech (Earth System sciences)
5. Abhinav Galohda M.Tech (Geo Informatics)
6. Athul k M.Tech (Geo Informatics)
7. E  Deshwani M.Tech (Geo Informatics)
8. S L Kesav Unnithan M.Tech (Geo Informatics)
9. Sushma K M.Tech (Geo Informatics)
10. Rashi jain M.S (Astronomy & Astrophysics)
11. Aditya manuwal M.S (Astronomy & Astrophysics)
12. Gopika K M.S (Astronomy & Astrophysics)
13. Prem Prakash M.S (Astronomy & Astrophysics)
14. Sreelekshmi Mhon M.S (Astronomy & Astrophysics)


Master's Students 2015
Sl No Name Email ID Programme
1. Vaggu Pralay Raj M.Tech (Earth System sciences)
2. Sneha Susan Babu M.Tech (Earth System sciences)
3. Mukul Pateriya M.Tech (Earth System sciences)
4. Saheba Bhatnagar M.Tech (Geo Informatics)
5. Aiswarya Lakshmi K K M.Tech (Geo Informatics)
6. Midhun Mohan P M M.Tech (Geo Informatics)
7. Pilli Madalasa M.Tech (Geo Informatics)
8. Namboodiri Srivalsan Raman M.Tech (Geo Informatics)
9. Koustubh Bhattacharjee M.S (Astronomy & Astrophysics)
10. Pawar Kshitija Dattatray M.S (Astronomy & Astrophysics)
11. Shlesha M.S (Astronomy & Astrophysics)
12. Ashish Devaraj M.S (Astronomy & Astrophysics)
13. Somnath Das M.S (Astronomy & Astrophysics)
14. Karthika V M.S (Astronomy & Astrophysics)


Master's Students 2014
Sl No Name Email ID Programme
1. B Rajeswari M.Tech (Geo Informatics)
2. Archana Devi M.Tech (Geo Informatics)
3. Sonali Singh M.Tech (Geo Informatics)
4. Bulbule Parthesh Anil M.Tech (Geo Informatics)
5. Bibin Wilson M.Tech (Geo Informatics)
6. Jim m john M.S (Astronomy & Astrophysics)
7. Suma N Murthy M.S (Astronomy & Astrophysics)
8. Ruskin patel M.S (Astronomy & Astrophysics)
9. Joel Marieo Dcruz M.S (Astronomy & Astrophysics)
10. Rohith Muraleedharan Thundathil Earth System sciences
11. Nair Vipin Valsalan Earth System sciences
12. Nikumbh Akshaya Chandrakant Earth System sciences
13. Kanishk Gohi Earth System sciences
14. Pragya Vishwakarma Earth System sciences
15. Kamatham Subramanyam Earth System sciences


Master's Students 2013
Sl No Name Email ID Programme
1. Manasa Kumar M.Tech (Geo Informatics)
2. Bikram Aditya Ganwar M.Tech (Geo Informatics)
3. Sundara Bharathi M.Tech (Geo Informatics)
4. Bikram M.S (Astronomy & Astrophysics)
5. Hrishabh U Singh M.S (Astronomy & Astrophysics)
6. N Govind M.S (Astronomy & Astrophysics)
7. Varsha Ramachandran M.S (Astronomy & Astrophysics)

Departments - ESS - People - Project Staff

# Name Email ID Designation Project Title
1 Meera M K     A study on the effects of ionospheric variabilities on the usability of NAVIC-GAGAN using observations and models
2 Mukul Pateriya     Improving the operational weather forecast of SASE using a four dimensional (4D) variational data assimilation
3 Dinil Bose P     Radio continum mapping of ionized emission associated with infrared bubbles.
4 Naveen S     Advanced retarding potential angular for martian atmosphere (ARIS)-MOM-2
5 Pranjal Gupta     Advanced retarding potential angular for martian atmosphere (ARIS)-MOM-2
6 Sreehari B Nair     Advanced retarding potential angular for martian atmosphere (ARIS)-MOM-2
7 Anjana Ashok     Study of gama ray bursts with a focuz on their radio after glows
8 Gopika P G     3D modeling of earths equitorial ionosphere using first principle
9 Vaggu Pralay Raj     A study on the effects of ionospheric variabilities on the usability of NAVIC-GAGAN using observations and models
10 Anusree Ashok     Development of a stand alone atmospheric correction module for hyperspectral data
11 Sandeep T     Development of a stand alone atmospheric correction module for hyperspectral data


Former Project Staff
# Name Email ID Designation Project Title
1 Sreejith N Jr. Project Fellow Improving the operational weather forecast of NARL using a hybrid ensemble- variation method for WRF model.
2 Thejashree G Jr. Project Fellow Study of moon and mars analogues: Investigations on orthopyroxene-olivine-spinel (OOS) group of minerals and cumulate rocks in India based on remote sensing, mineralogical and geochemical methods.
3 Akhila P Nair Jr. Project Fellow Geological and Spectral Studies of Terrestrial Analogue Rocks:Implications for Mars Exploration
4 Sreerag S J Project Assistant Development of a stand-alone atmospheric correction module for hyperspectral data
5 Unnikrishnan Potty S Jr. Project Fellow Development of a three dimensional first  principle ionospheric model for the equatorial  and low latitude ionospheric regions
6 Nithin S Mony Jr. Project Fellow High-mass star formation.
7 Dr. Ishwar Kumar C (PDF) PDF