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Projects : IIST
  • 4:48 AM, Wednesday, 22 Feb 2017

# Project Title Category Investigators Co-PI Status
1 Functionalised N-Containing Heterocycles as Aurora Kinase Inhibitors-Computational Design and Library Synthesis IIST Dr. K.G. Sreejalekshmi Ongoing
2 Development of carbon foam-CMC sandwich composites IIST/ISRO Dr. K. Prabhakaran Dr. R. Sreeja, Dr.Deepa Devapal, Dr. P. V. Prabhakaran (PCM, VSSC) Ongoing
3 Development and evaluation of alumina foams by emulsion casting IIST/ISRO Dr. K. Prabhakaran Dr. R. Sreeja, Dr.Deepa Devapal, Dr. P.V. Prabhakaran (PCM, VSSC) Ongoing
4 Silicon-graphene based composite as anode material for Lithium batteries. IIST/ISRO Dr. Sandhya.K.Y. Dr. S. A. Ilangovan, Ms. S. Sujatha (PCM, VSSC) Ongoing
5 Detection of explosives using Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) IIST/ISRO Dr. Jobin Cyriac Dr. Benny K. George, Ms. Bhuvaneswari S (PCM, VSSC) Ongoing
6 Intrinsically conducting polyimide composites with CNT or graphene without compromising optical property IIST/ISRO Dr. Kuruvilla Joseph Mr.Nallaperumal, Dr. R.S. Rajeev (PCM, VSSC) Ongoing
7 Plasma Modification of CNT and Polymer Nanocomposites thereof for Space Applications IIST Dr. N. Gomathi Ongoing
8 Functionalized nitrogen containing Heterocycles as high energy materials for insensitive explosives and propellant compositions-computational design and synthesis. IIST Dr. K G Sreejalekshmi Ongoing
9 Polymer-Nano composites for Electronic and Photonic Application IIST Dr. Honey John Dr. Pramod Gopinath Completed
10 Development and feasibility study of polymeric Scaffolds for Tissue Culture under Microgravity IIST Dr. Nirmala Rachel James Dr. AnilKumar P.R (SCTIMST) Completed
11 Development of high performance impermeable membranes from halobutyl rubber nanocomposites for critical space applications IIST/ISRO Dr. Kuruvilla Joseph Completed
12 Development of carbon foams for High Temperature Thermal Protection Application IIST Dr. K. Prabhakaran Dr. K.Y. Sandhya Completed