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  • 3:28 PM, Sunday, 26 Sep 2021

Department of Humanities
Lekshmi V. Nair, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Head
Fax:+ 0471-2568406

  • Ph.D. (Univ. of Kerala)
  • MA (Univ. of Kerala)

Course Offered
  • Undergraduate: Introduction to Social Sciences and Ethics

  • Lecturer, Dept of Sociology, University of Kerala
  • Lecturer, Dept of Sociology, Loyola College of Social Sciences

Research Work / Area
  • Gerontology, Social Research, Gender Studies, PLA
  • Science, Technology and Society
  • Tribal Studies
Membership in Professional Bodies
  • Indian Sociological Society
  • Kerala Sociological Society
  • Editorial Secretary – Kerala Sociologists
  • Secretary – Loyola Alumni Association
  • Trainer – PRA/PLA
  • Consultant 
  1. Trivandrum Social Service Society, Loyola Extension Centre.
  2. Centre for Gerontological Studies, University of Kerala, Loyola College of Social Sciences.
  • Secretary, Kerala Sociological Society (2010-till date)
  • Member, Indian Sociological Society
  1. Long Term Living in Institutions: A Study Of Elderly In Selected Old Age Homes Of Kerala, UGC
  2. Longevity - A study of Women Living Beyond 90yrs-, UGC
  3. Women in New Profession- A Study of Women in the Tourism Industry in Kerala, ICSSR
  4. Women SHGs in Coastal Area of Kerala- Fisheries Dept & Loyola College of Social Sciences
  5. Violence Against Women In Kerala- Police Dept & Indian Social Institute, New Delhi
  6. Feedback Study on RCI Edusat Network of North, South and West Region– A Study in Collaboration with DECU/ISRO – Lekshmi V Nair and Shaijumon C S
  7. Perspective study of Telemedicine Mobile Van Utilisation - A Study in Collaboration with DECU/ISRO Shaijumon C S and Lekshmi V Nair
  8. Space Technology and its Penetration into the Socio Economic Space of the Households of India(25 lakhs), IIST - Lekshmi V Nair and Shaijumon C                                                                          
  9. Lifeline for Remote India: A study on Tele Medicine Units in India, Major Project of ICSSR – (Started on Feb, 2020) (Ongoing)




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Books Authored

  •  Nair, Lekshmi, V& Sonny Jose. (2015). Women in Tourism- A Study in Kerala.Serial Publications, New Delhi.
  • BookReviews

  • Nair, Lekshmi, V. 2011. Women in Work, Strife, Struggle and Success. Kyan Wood(ed) Sage Publications in Sociological Bulletin,Vol 60, No1.
Chapter in Books
  • Nair, Lekshmi, V. 2012. Ageing in Kerala: A Case Study. Introduction to Kerala Studies. New Jersey, USA: International Institute for Scientific and Academic Collaboration (IISAC).
  • Resmi, M., Nair, Lekshmi, V. 2015. Rural Women in IT Field - An Overview of Kudumbasree IT projects. Transition in Rural Livelihood. Sage Publications: New Delhi
  •  Priya Vijayakumar & Lekshmi V. Nair. 2020. Ageing and the Aged A Medical Perspective in Antony Palackal& Nisha (eds), Ageing, Care and Well Being: Reinventing Social Gerontology, Vol- 2, Rawat Publications: New Delhi

  • ·    Nair, Lekshmi, V. 2020, Elderly Under Longer Institutional Care - The Kerala Scenari, in Antony Palackal& Nisha (eds), Ageing, Care and Well Being: Reinventing Social Gerontology, Vol 1, Rawat Publications: New Delhi

  1. National Seminar on Science, Technology and Society– Emerging Scenario  December 7-9, 2012 ( Organizing Secretary)
  2. Two day Workshop on Using ICT in Social Science Research, IIST, Feb 27-28, 2016 (Organizing Secretary)
  3. International Seminar On Living and Working in the Digital Information Age :
  4. Intercontinental Insights, Loyola College of Social Sciences & IIST, June 25 - 26, 2016 (Co - Organizing Secretary)
  5. 5 day National Webinar on Covid-19- Vulnerability, Adaptation  And  Capacity Building Among Tribal Communities, IIST & University of Kerala, March 15-19,2021(Organizing Secretary)

·       NIRMAAN

Nirmaan is the social outreach club of Indian Institute of Space science and Technology. As the faculty co-ordinator organized the following activities and enriched the extension activities of IIST.

o   School Sessions - Aimed to ignite the scientific curiosity among high school kids in government schools, NIRMAAN has conducted school sessions for the 8and 9 class students of different government schools around IIST. 8 schools were covered during the assessment period. The sessions included explaining the science behind everyday activities, astronomy, optics, rocket science, value education and career guidance.The teachers claimed that such classes was found to improve the student’s performance in learning, boost confidence and helped to build their vision for future.

o   Dhwani - Nirmaan undertook an innovative project to help the visually impaired students.  Text books were audio recorded in the Audio Visual lab of IIST. This was undertaken after a visit to the Government School for Visually Impaired, Vazhuthacaudu. The recorded audios were handed overto the school by Feb 2020. This proved more useful for the students during the period of pandemic. Inputs has been recently obtainedfrom the user side. The team is working on it and based on it, improvements will be done during future recordings.

o   Team Nirmaanmakes it a point to celebrate festivals with the less fortunate. The team visits government institution such as Care Home, Nirmala Shishu Kendra, Asha Bhavan, a shelter for the care and protection of mentally cured patients and Saigramam, global village for the orphans managed by the Sathyasai orphanage trust. Sweets, cakes and apples were distributed to the inmates.  Celebrate Independence Day with New Friends’ was one such program conducted during Independence day with the students of Balika Kendra. Essential items such as clothes, chappals, fans etc were purchased for the inmates of the Government mental hospital, Thiruvananthapuram in 2019 and also during the time of COVID- 19.

o   Flood relief activities – When the floods hit Kerala in 2018 and 2019, team Nirmaan wasted no time in jumping into action. A collection drive was organised and almost fifty thousand rupees was collected in a very short period of time from IISTians. Necessary items such as clothes, sanitary items, food items were transported to various collection points in the city for further transportation and distribution to the affected areas. Student volunteers developed power banks out of batteries in just few hours and distributed it to the flood affected people. Collector Vasuki's team transported these power banks to Wayanad where some places could not be reached.

o   Beach cleaning drive – In collaboration with a NGO from Thiruvananthapuram, Nirmaan took part in a Cleaning drives. In the last 6 years the members cleared places such asSanghumugham Beach, parks in Thiruvananthapuram and collected tons of plastic and other waste. Awareness about the damaging effects of plastic was also spread in the form of distribution of pamphlets to the local vendors in the beach. An oath was taken, after every drive with the participation of the locals to ban the use of single use plastic.

o   Bi-Annual paper/book collection drive –Nirmaan hosts paper collection drive bi-annually, as part of which boxes were kept in front of every hostel with the inmates requested to drop off their unwanted books and notebooks for recycling. These boxes are then taken to a second hand book shop and then to a local recycling point in Nedumangad.  The money thus received go to Nirmaan’s funds which will be used for its further endeavours. NIRMAAN also launched a successful book collection drive in the campus, which collected around 150 books that were contributed to a nearby orphanage.

·         COVID 19 activities

o   Community Kitchen - Took part in the community kitchen held in Government GHS, Vanchiyoor for 30 days

o   Online remedial classes were conducted for the students of Meenankal Tribal School

o   Donating TV setsto the students of Government Schools in Thiruvananthapuram to help in their online classes. 20 students of Government Higher Secondary Schools of Chalai and Karamana got benefitted under this program

  •  Dr. Rashmi M, PhD student (2011 - 2016) received the coveted 'Nobel Laureate Jane Addams Inspiring Women of the year 2021' award for research contribution in the field of Sociology.