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  • 3:56 AM, Tuesday, 02 Mar 2021

#NameEmail IDResearch Area
1 Venkatesh N Expiremental investigation into regimes of cryogenic two phase flow boiling
2 Binu P Thomas Investigation of holographic interferometry techniquesfor strain measurment and non destructive testing
3 Sam Noble Wheeled rover with actively atriculated suspension for planetory terrains
4 Surya Mani Tripathi Very low cycle fatigue analysis of thin shells due to repeated buckling
5 Ramesh N Fuel optimum mission design for lunar soft landing at a specified location
6 Parvathi SP  Development of methodologies for direct interplanetory mission design
7 Jishnu Chandran R Numerical simulation of fluid flows
8 Sreejith K Nozzle flow separation phenomena and its control
9 Mohan Kumar L. Sensitivity studies on the influence of process parameters on thermomechanical properties and functional performance of ablative composites and improvement efforts
10 Shibu Mathew Characterisation of triplet injector using non-intrusive methods
11 Tushar R. Phadnis Coupled numerical simulation of thermal, chemical and structural response of ablative composites
12 Saurabh Chatterjee Path planning of rovers with identification of topographic and soil characteristics
13 Anuja Vijayan Modelling and characterisation of cavitating venturi
14 Shashank V. Stochastic wavelet methods for structural mechanics
15 Arun Govind Neelan Numerical simulation of unsteady supersonic flows( external and internal flows) using higher order methods
16 Aravind G.P Combustion enhancement studies in vortex-hybrid rocket engines
17 Arun B Nair Studies on Self excited flow
18 Ajin Ghosh K K Heat transfer and fluid flow in microchannels
19 Rajesh N Investigation of burning velocity of premixed Kerosene air mixtures
20 Vivek.S.A Structural health monitoring of stiffened structures
21 Rithwik.N Optimal trajectory design to lagrangian points
22 Risha Raju Numerical simulation of high energy materials
23 Dhanesh.A The jet characteristics at subcritical, critical & supercritical conditions
24 Aryaduth Oamjee Mixing enhancement studies in Supersonic combustors
25 Prabith.K   Non linear rotor dynamics( Friction induced vibration in rotating machines)
26 Arun.D.I Investigation of electro-active shape memory polymer composites for aerospace applications
27 S.Balamurugan Optimal satellite maneuvers to avoid multiple debris collission
28 S.Harikrishna Defect detection enhancement in Aerospace composite structures
29 Ullekh Pandey Modelling of radiation from exhaust plumes of solid rocket motor
30 Abhirami.A.J Bio inspired hierarchial composite
31 Aswin Kumar.S. Study of high temperature flow
32 M. Prasath Supersonic cavity flows
33 Abhinav R Film cooling flows in rocket engines
34 Danish Handa Machining and precision manufacturing
35 Gaurab Kumar Khanra Non linear finite element formulation
36 Aswathy R V Thrust augmentation studies on nuclear thermal rocket
37 Aswathy M Stochastic structural mechanics
38 Ajin S Jetflames, combustion
39 Renjith Thomas Structural health monitoring
40 Shailesh Prasad Thrust vectoring of solid rocket nozzle by secondary fluid injection
41 Sarath K P Fluid dynamics
42 Rajiv Panda Materials forming, composites synthesis
43 Philip George Computational Fluid dynamics


Former Research Scholars
#NameArea Year of Completion Current Status
1Shine S.R. Studies on Film cooling in rocket combustion chambers 2013 Associate Professor,IIST
2V.Ashok Computation of High speed chemically reacting viscous flow with cartesian mesh on a GPU based parallel systems 2013 ISRO
3Sooraj V.S. Investigations on Fine finishing of surfaces using elastic abrasives 2014 Assistant Professor,IIST
4Lithesh Nandikishor Sulbheswar  Efficient Piezoelectric beam Finite Element formulations based on coupled polynomial interpolations 2015 ISRO
5Deepak Kumar Agarwal Investigations of Heat transfer characteristics of kerosene based nano fluids  2016 ISRO
6Muthukumaran A study of Eliptical and circular jets at thermodynamic subcritical and supercritical conditions 2016 ISRO
7Mathiazhagan Atomistic simulations on the mechanical behavior of Bio-inspired brittle matrix nanocomposites 2017 Postdoctoral Research Scholar, VirginiaTech, USA