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  • 3:17 PM, Sunday, 26 Sep 2021

Current Scholars
#NameEmail IDResearch Area
1Rani Radhakrishnan   Integrated guidance and Control for Air-Breaking Launch Vehicles
2 Thiruppathi Rajan   Signal Processing.
3 Sarath Babu To Develop New Protocols and Solutions for Advancing Delay Tolerant Networks
4 Asha P Nair  Non linear controller Design for the Launch Vehicles which can handle underactuated Dynamics like Glosh Flexibility
5 R. S. Mohan Kumar   Fault Detection in Electic Mechanical Actuators
6 Nikhilraj A   Non Linear Dynamics and Control
7 Sandip Sankar Roy   Antenna Design, Analysis and Modeling
8 Sandip Paul   Optimization and Characterization of LASER altimeter for lander system.
9 Tina B S   Design and fabrication of MEMS sensors with 2-D FETS.
10 Priya Mariam Raju   Deep Learning based Recognition and Tracking
11 Thomas James Thomas   Making Efficient VLSI Architectures for Sparse Signal Processing Applications
12 Vinod Kumar P   Design and analysing of Metasurfaces and their applications
13 Aswathy P   Video Analytics
14 Pammi Guru Krishna Thej   Bio Sensor
15 Fayza K A   Optical Logic gates and switches
16 Prasoon Chandran Mavila Control of Power Electronic Converters
17 Gourahari Nayak   Power Electronics
18 Preethisree   Satellite Image Processing
19 Vivekanand   Compressed sensing
20 Joel Zacharias   2-D Nano- electronics based Transduction for MEMS
21 Varnasi Satya Sreekanth   Signal Processing.
22 Rekha A R   Multi-model Adaptive Fault Tolerant Control Design for Launch Vehicles.
23 M Alwin Jose   Design and Process Development of CMoS -Compatible Self Powered MEMS Accelerometer.
24 Elangovan K   Interface Electronics for Sensor.
25 Vidya V   Power Electronics and Drives
26 Rachakonda Shri Rama Akshay   Power System Control
27 Debabrata Dalai   Advanced Wireless Networks
28 Elizabeth George   Antenna Engineering
29 Kavitha C S   Rigid Body Dynamics and Control
30 Chalumuri Avinash   Big Data Analytics
31 Pramod Martha   Design and Fabrication of CMOS MEMS Based Inertial Sensors
32 Niteshkumar Agrawal   Design, charaecterisation and development of various optical sensors and devices.
33 Jeeva B   Sensitivity improvement for laser gyroscope
34 Anjitha R. G   Optics, Nano Materials, Chemical Sensor
35 Resmi V. L.   Control System
36 Sriram S. Kumar   Satellite Mission Design
37 Vijay Joshi VLSI Signal Processing
38 Gopika R.   Antenna Engineering
39 Ariya Krishnan   Array processing algorithms for radar
40 Aneesh Kumar R.   Wireless Power Transfer
41 Ramyakrishna Enugonda   Estimation of weather parameter and classification of weather signals from the observation of weather of polarimetric DWR
42 Chavva Subbreddy   RF Integrated Circuits
43 Nisha   MEMS- GAS Sensors
44 Nibin Raj   Machine Learning for Wireless Networks- Wireless Network Planning and Deployment.
45 Krishnanunni R A   Semiconductor Optoelectronics
46 Rajesh George P   Machine Learning for error Compensation and Noise Reduction in MEMS inertial Sensors
47 Sreehari B. Nair   Precision Electronics Systems Engineering
48 Hari Krishna U   Power Electronics and Drives
49 ABDUL RAHIM V C   Wireless Communication and Signal Processing
50 OLIVIA ZACHARIA   Wireless Communication
51 DEVINENI RAJESH REDDY   Locomotion Control of Humanoid Robot
52 SREEKAVYA M K   Reconfigurable and Active Metasurface Antenna
53 RESHMA S   Radar Signal Processing
54 ANUPAMA A   VLSI Circuits for Secure Cryptographic Key Generation
55 Minha Mubarak   Re-inforcement learning
56 Deeksha Bhule   Power Electronics and drives
57 Archana Prasannakumar   Algorithm for VLSI testing
58 Gayathri R   Active load torque feedback and friction compensation for virtual back drivability of electro mechanical actuators
59 Karthika C K   Control of electric drives
60 Safeer S S   Laser electronics systems for cold atom interial system.
Former Scholars
#NameAreaYear of Completion
1 Richu Sebastian Control of Power Electronic Converter - fed AC Drivers 2020
2 P Suresh Kumar Control System for Magnetic levitation 2020
3 P. Sathish Kumar Fractional control design for system with non-linearity 2019
4 Bibin Johson Algorithm and Architecture for Signal Processing Applications 2019
5 Sam K. Zachariah (VSSC) Autonomous Walking Control of Humanoid Biped Robot in a Novel Hybrid Dynamical System Framework 2019
6 Deepak M Automatic Generation Control of Power Systems 2018
7 Abhishek Chakraborty To Develop Architectural and Protocol Solutions for enhancing the capacity of wireless mesh networks 2018
8 Shaik Latheef Ahmed Versatile Applications of Metamaterial Structures in Microwave Circuits and Antennas 2018
9 Ameya Anil Kesarkar Investigating Limit Cycle Performance and Asymptotic Bode Behavior of Fractional-Ordered Controllers 2018
10 Ranajith Dey Studies on broadband conjugate Matched feed horn -
11 Vani Devi Weighted Nuclear Norm Minimization method for Multiuser Massive MIMO Low Rank Channel Estimation Problem 2018
12 Sajitha G Limit cycle elimination for digitally controlled DC-DC converte 2018
13 Rahul G Waghmare Application of signal tracking methods for fringe analysis 2017
14 Chris Prema Wideband Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio using Uniform and Non Uniform Filter Banks 2016