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  • 12:45 PM, Friday, 05 Mar 2021

# Name Email ID Research Area
1 Sam K. Zachariah Autonomous Walking Control of Humanoid Biped Robot in a Novel Hybrid Dynamical System Framework
2 Vani Devi Weighted Nuclear Norm Minimization method for Multiuser Massive MIMO Low Rank Channel Estimation Problem
3 Abhishek Chakraborty To Develop Architectural and Protocol Solutions for enhancing the capacity of wireless mesh networks
4 Deepak M Automatic Generation Control of Power Systems
5 Thiruppathi Rajan Signal Processing
6 P Suresh Kumar Control System for Magnetic levitation
7 Rani Radhakrishnan Integrated guidance and Control for Air-Breaking Launch Vehicles
8 Bibin Johson Algorithm and Architecture for Signal Processing Applications
9 Sarath Babu To Develop New Protocols and Solutions for Advancing Delay Tolerant Networks
10 Richu Sebastian Control of Power Electronic Converter - fed AC Drivers
11 Asha P Nair Adaptive Control Design for Space Transportation Systems
12 Shaik Latheef Ahmed Versatile Applications of Metamaterial Structures in Microwave Circuits and Antennas
13 P. Sathish Kumar Fractional control design for system with non-linearity
14 Nikhilraj A Geometric approach for attitude control
15 Sandip Paul Signal processing application to space application
16 Sandip Sankar Roy Radiation Performance Augmentation in Aperture Antennas with Metamaterial Elements and Waveguide Structures
17 Tina B S Micro cantilever based nano mechanical sensor


Former Research Scholars
# Name Area Year of Completion
1 Ameya Anil Kesarkar Investigating Limit Cycle Performance and Asymptotic Bode Behavior of Fractional-Ordered Controllers 2015
2 Ranajith Dey Studies on broadband conjugate Matched feed horn -
3 S. Chris Prema Wideband Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio using Uniform and Non Uniform Filter Banks -
4 Rahul G Waghmare Application of signal tracking methods for fringe analysis -
5 Sajitha G Limit cycle elimination for digitally controlled DC-DC converte -