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  • 7:11 AM, Saturday, 31 Oct 2020

# Name Email ID Research Area
1 Rakesh R rakesh.12@iist Design and combinatorial synthesis of peptide based theranostic agents
2 Manjunatha Ganiga Trace chemical detection using spectroscopic techniques
3 Reshma C Nano structured materials for energy storage applications
4 Aswathi R Functional nano materials for energy and environmental applications.
5 Lavanya J Plasma functionalized graphene for biosensor applications
6 Devi Renuka Photo responsive self assembly
7 Meegle S Mathew Biosensors
8 Sujith Vijayan Novel powder processing methods for porous and dense alumina ceramics
9 Deepthi L Sivadas   Development of novel materials for carbon dioxide capture
10 Sanu Xavier Design and development of materials for organic electronics
11 Haritha H Novel electrolytes and Separators for Li-S battery
12 Choudhary Yogesh Sanjay Super Capacitors
13 Neema P M Spectroscope identification of trace molecules
14 Praveen Wilson Porous carbon materials
15 Saisree S Organic chemistry
16 Arya Nair J S Energy Storage and Conversion
17 Nisha Balachandran Quantum Dots Based Polymer Systems
18 Chitra A Studeis on Functional Carbon Aerogels for Space Applications
19 Battula Durga Siva Deeraj Polymer Nano Composites


Former Research Scholars
# Name Research Area Year of Completion
1 Mohammed Mukhtar Ali Photocatalysis 2016
2 Raneesh Konnola Toughened epoxy nano composites 2016
3 Sarah Titus Photocatalysis 2016
4 Jalaja K Electrospun nano fiber scaffolds based on natural polymers for biomedical applications 2015
5 Kavitha M.K Tailoring the defects in ZnO and ZnO –Graphene hybrids for visible light photoconductivity and nonlinear absorption. 2015
6 Narasimman R Carbon foams for high temperature applications 2015
7 Sarika P.R Polysaccharide based nanomaterials for drug delivery applications 2015
8 Remyamol T Synthesis of polyaniline hybrids of graphene/MWNT for photocurrent generation and optical limiting applications 2014