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  • 10:14 PM, Monday, 20 Sep 2021

Research Scholars
# 43search scholar44 Email IDResearch Area
1 Sonu Tabita Paulson   6.7 GHz Methanol Masers and the early phases of Massive Stars
2 Rekha Bharali Gogoi Hybrid Ensemble-variational Data Assimilation in a Limited Area Mode.
3 Namitha Issac Observational Manifestation of interplay between Massive Stars and the ISM
4 Dubacharla Gyaneshwar Multi- sensor Image Fusion.
5 Manohar Kumar C V S S   Multiresolution Pattern Recognition
6 Sudhanshu Sekhar Jha   Image Analysis and Parameters Retrieval.
7 Geethu Prabhakar   Study of Hydrodynamic and Radiative Properties in Compact X-ray Binary Systems.
8 Babitha George Atmospheric Science
9 Sreelakshmi P Chakyar Physics of Gamma Ray Bursts
10 Asif  Iqbal Kakkassery   Planetary Geosciences
11 Tesniya P M   Planetary Geosciences
12 Reji J   3D modelling of terrestrial laser scanning and hyperspectral imagery
13 Arpita Munsi   Atmospheric Modelling
14 Debojit Sarkar Mesoscale Prediction of Extreme Weather Events.
15 Abhijeet Kumar   Radar Meteorology
16 Deepak Singh Bisht    
17 Vibin Jose Atmosperic Modeling
18 Haritha A   Planetary Geology and Remote Sensing
19 Sreelekshmi Mohan   Early stages in massive star formation
20 Jyotirmoy Dey   Max-Plank Partner  Group for Galatic Star Formation
21 Kavita Patnaik   Aerosol Impact on Cloud Micro Physics
22 Donali Gogoi   Urbanisation
23 Subhrajit Rath   Data Assimilation
24 Anindya Saha   Massive Stars
25 Suraj Reddy   Multi-source Remote Sensing Data Integration for Modelling and Estimation of Forest Biomass.
26 Chilakamarri Jayasimha   Anomaly detection in hyperspectral imagery
27 Nidhi Sharma   Atmospheric Boundary Layer
28 Reetambhara Dutta   Aeronomy of the middle and uooer Atmosphere
29 Akshit Sharma   Clouds and Precipitation microphysics
30 Jiteshwar Dadich   Numerical Weather Prediction & Superparameterisation
31 Soumya Ranjan Mahapatra   Numerical Weather Prediction & Superparameterisation
32 Tamada Jaya Sri   Aerosols and Clouds
33 Sindhu S   Studies on Atmospheric Chemistry (role of Trace Gases and VOCs in the chemistry of rural atmosphere)
34 Jayati Vijayawargiya   3D LiDAR point cloud processing using machine learning techniques
35 Srinivs yadav   Convective weather system studies
36 Sonali Maurya   Atmospherric Boundary Layer Studies
37 Sam P Raj Aerosol-Cloud Interaction(mixing state of aerosols:Observational constraints and impact on cloud condensation Nuclei over Indian region)
38 Arun Seshadri Influence of massive stars on surrounding interstellor medium
39 Humaira Sanam   Remote Sensing Applications for  Vegetation Studies
40 Punya P   Imaging spectroscopy methods for precision environmental application
41 Latha Johnson   Automatic Registration of multi-modal remote sensing data
42 Srikar Kalyanam   Atmosphere Modeling