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  • 1:17 PM, Friday, 05 Mar 2021

#NameEmail IDResearch Area
1.Rashmi the Unreached: A Prescriptive Study on the Use of Government ICT Programmes amongst Women in Rural Kerala
2.Sabu of Information and Communication Technologies in Motorised Boats of Kerala Marine Fisheries Sector
3.Rajesh of Select Issues of resilient supply chain in Indian Context
4.Jayalekshmi N Framed : A Critique of Selected Merchant Ivory films
5.Mr. Rajkumarrajkumarr.15@ and prospects of technology diffusion in Agriculture
6.Gayatri G Rgayathrigr@ Studies
7.Anu Kuriakoseanukuriakose@ Studies
8.Monisha and Cultural Studies
9.Muhammed Sihas K in Kerala : Permeation and Scope of Information Technology
10. Aswathi P Management
11. Rithwik Sankar and Cultural Studies
12. Pavanam Trade
13. Syamprasad names and Cultural Studies