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  • 1:11 PM, Friday, 05 Mar 2021

Master's Students 2017
SI No Name Email ID Programme
1. Satpute Sarvesh Pravin M.Tech (Optical Engineering )
Master's Students 2016
SI No Name Email ID Programme
1. Lekshmi E M.Tech (Optical Engineering)
2. Uthamapriya R M.Tech (Optical Engineering)
3. Sai Meghana T M.Tech (Optical Engineering)
4. Soumya Asokan M.Tech (Optical Engineering)
5. Gollangi Yerrannaidu M.Tech (Optical Engineering)
6. Dasika Shishir M.Tech (Solid State Technology)
7. Jananai K M M.Tech (Solid State Technology)
8. Chalapathi V M.Tech (Solid State Technology)
9. Jayita Dutta M.Tech (Solid State Technology)
10. Asmita Jash M.Tech (Solid State Technology)
Master's Students 2015
SINo. Name EmailID Programme
1. Abhay Mishra   M.Tech(Solid State Physics)
2. Jeevan Philip Njaliyil   M.Tech(Solid State Physics)
3. Pratheesh T K   M.Tech(Solid State Physics)
4. Satish Kumar Mehta   M.Tech(Solid State Physics)
5 Ankur Khurana   M.Tech(Solid State Physics)
6. Myathari Revathi   M.Tech(Solid State Physics)
7. Madhu V   M.Tech(Optical Engineering)
8. Sreelal M M   M.Tech(Optical Engineering)
9. Annie Varghese   M.Tech(Optical Engineering)
10. Vinitha M R   M.Tech(Optical Engineering)
11. Shalabh Mishra   M.Tech(Optical Engineering)
Master's Students 2014
SI No Name Email ID Programme
1 Maheswari Sivan M.Tech ( Solid-State Techonology)
2 Joel Zacharia M.Tech ( Solid-State Techonology )
3 Somnath Chakraborthy M.Tech ( Solid-State Techonology)
4 Sreejith S M.Tech ( Solid-State Techonology )
5 Aparna V M.Tech (Optical Engineering )
6 Shalina Salim M.Tech (Optical Engineering )
7 Rajeesh M G M.Tech (Optical Engineering )
8 Veesa Joshua Deepak M.Tech (Optical Engineering )
9 Ishani M.Tech (Optical Engineering )
10 Sunil Kumar Chaubey M.Tech (Optical Engineering )