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  • 11:02 PM, Monday, 20 Sep 2021

Department of Physics
Jayanthi S., Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Tel:+91-471-2568 658

  • Ph. D – Physics, Indian Institute of Science – Bangalore : “Probing anisotropic interactions in solid state NMR – techniques and applications”
  • M. Phil – Physics, Hyderabad Central University : “ Study of one dimensional potential problems using quantum Hamilton Jacobi formalism”
  • M. Sc – Physics, Govt. Victoria College – Palakkad – Kerala (Calicut University)
  • B. Sc – Physics, Govt. College, Chittur – Palakkad – Kerala (Calicut University)

  • Postdoctoral Fellow : Department of Chemical Physics, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel.

Research Work / Area
  • Development of sensitivity enhancment techniques in solid state NMR of spin-1/2 and half integer quadrupolar nuclei
  • Investigation of underlying spin dynamics associated with time dependent Hamiltonian in solid state MAS NMR
  • Study of dynamics induced by a few water molecules in mesoporous hybrid silicate materials studied through Proton and Deuterium solid state MAS NMR.

Funded Project

SERB-DST (2016- 2019)

Study of dynamics induced by very small amounts of water molecules through deuterium MAS solid state NMR and Molecular Dynamic Simulations.

Amount sanctioned : Rs. 43,18,200/


Teaching Interest
  • Applied Quantum Mechanics
  • Statistical Physics
  • Electrodynamics
  • Introduction to Mechanics 
  • Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy
  • Quantum Mechanics

Area of Interest
Solid and Solution State NMR - Theory, design of pulse sequence and Applications


National MAgnetic Resonance Society of India: Student best oral presentation award (2007, 2010)


M.Sc Physics: First Rank (Calicut University)

B. Sc Physics: Third Rank (Calicut University)


  • Heteronuclear transfers from labile protons in biomolecular NMR: Cross Polarization, revisited. Mihajlo Novakovic, Sundaresan Jayanthi, Adonis Lupulescu, Maria Grazia Concilio, Jihyun Kim, David Columbus, Ilya Kuprov, Lucio Frydman,
  • 3D Heteronuclear Magnetization Transfers for the Establishment of Secondary Structures in SARS-CoV-2-Derived RNAs, Jihyun Kim, Mihajlo Novakovic, Sundaresan Jayanthi, Adonis Lupulesc, Eriks Kupce, J. Tassilo Grün, Klara Mertinkus, Andreas Oxenfarth, Christian Richter, Robbin Schnieders, Julia Wirmer-Bartoschek, Harald Schwalbe, Lucio Frydman, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2021, 143, 13, 4942–4948.
  • Effective Hamiltonian and 1H-14N Cross Polarization/Double Cross Polarization at fast MAS, Sadasivan V.Sajith, Sundaresan Jayanthi, Adonis Lupulescu, J. Magn. Reson., Volume 320, November 2020, 106832, DOI: 10.1016/j.jmr.2020.106832
  • Dynamics in Amine-Functionalized Mesoporous Hybrid Materials Probed through Deuterium MAS NMR and Molecular Dynamic Simulations, V. S. Veena, I. Kavya, L. Anish, C. P. Vinod, T. G. Ajithkumar, S. JayanthiJ. Phys. Chem. C 2020, 124, 11, 6154–6170, DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.9b11948
  • Sensitivity Enhancement in 2D Double Cross Polarization Experiments under fast MAS by Recycling Unused Protons, Sundaresan Jayanthi, Adonis Lupulescu, Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Volume 107, June 2020, 101652, DOI: 10.1016/j.ssnmr.2020.101652
  • Distribution of water in the pores of periodic mesoporous organosilicates – a proton solid state MAS NMR study, V. S. Veena, Illath Kavya, Lazar Anish, C. P. Vinod, T. G. Ajithkumar, S. JayanthiPhys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2018, 20, 29351-29361. DOI:10.1039/C8CP04902E
  • Deuterium MAS NMR and Local Molecular Dynamic Model to Study Adsorption - Desorption Kinetics of a Dipeptide at the Inner Surface of SBA-15; S. Jayanthi, S. Kababya, A. Schmidt and S. Vega. (J. Phys. Chem. C, J. Phys. Chem. C, 2016, 120, 5, 2797–2806. DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.5b11429.
  • Restricted Dynamics of a deuterated linker grafted on SBA-15 revealed by Deuterium MAS NMR. S. Jayanthi,M. Werner, G. Buntkowsky and S. Vega. (J.Phys. Chem. C, 2013, 117 (25), 13114 – 13121)
  • A Floquet Description of Phase Alternated Homonuclear Recoupling Sequence for Perdeuterated Systems in the Solid State, S. Jayanthi, U. Akbey, B. Uluca, H. Oschkinat and S. Vega. (J Magn. Reson.;2013, 234, 10 – 20.)
  • Dynamic Deuterium MAS NMR of a molecule grafted at the inner surface of mesoporous material, S. Jayanthi, V. Frydman, S. Vega, J. Phys. Chem. B (2012), 116(34), 10398-10405.
  • Excitation and Correlation of 14N Overtone using DAPT. S. Jayanthi and K. V. Ramanathan – Chem Phys Lett Vol 502 121-125, 2011.
  • Offset-free measurement of dipolar couplings in a single crystal and determination of molecular orientation. S. Jayanthi, and K. V. Ramanathan (submitted to ArXives : Bio- physics, Oct. 2010 ,
  • 24-SEMA as a sensitivity and offset compensated SLF sequence for oriented systems. S. Jayanthi, N. Sinha and K. V. Ramanathan, J Magn Reson. 2010 Dec;207(2):206-12.
  • 2n–SEMA – A Robust Solid State NMR Experiment for Offset Free Measurement of Dipolar Couplings in Oriented Systems using Effective Transverse Spin Lock. S. Jayanthi and K. V. Ramanathan. J. Chem. Phys. 132, 134501, 2010.
  • Deuterium – Carbon Correlation Spectroscopy in Static Oriented Systems using DAPT. S. Jayanthi and K. V. Ramanathan. Chem. Phys. Lett., 487, 1-3, 122, 2010.
  • “Single file diffusion of confined water inside SWNT: NMR study”, Anindya Das, Sundaresan Jayanthi, Handiganadu Srinivasa Murthy Vinay Deepak, Krishna Venkatachala Ramanathan, Anil Kumar, Chandan Dasgupta, and Ajay K. Sood, Am. Chem. Soc. Nano., Vol .4, No.3, 1687-1695, 2010.
  • Differentiation of Multiple Conformers in Designed Tripeptides using Solid State NMR at Natural Abundance. S. Jayanthi, Baswathi Chatterjee and S. Raghothama. Biopolymers Vol.91 No.10, 85, 2009.
  • Measurement of Carbon-Proton Dipolar Couplings in Static Oriented Systems using DAPT. S. Jayanthi,P. K. Madhu and K. V. Ramanathan. J. Phys. Chem. A, 2008, 112 (44), Pages 11159– 11164
  • Heteronuclear Polarization Transfer in Static Oriented Systems using a Windowless Multiple Pulse Sequence. S. Jayanthi, P. K. Madhu, N. D. Kurur and K. V. Ramanathan. Chem. Phys. Lett. Vol. 439 Issues 4-6 Pages 407 – 41, 2007.
Invited Talks
  • VSSC - Trivndrum; PCM Academic and Selection Committee - November - 2015, Dr. Benny George and Dr. Vijayalakshmi

Title: “NMR - a powerful tool for probing strucure and dynamics in materials"

  • IIST - Department of Chemistry : Novemebr - 2013

Title: “Deuterium MAS NMR and Molecular Dynamic Simulations to probe dynamics of guest molecules inside mesoporous materials”

  • Bar –Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Tel Aiv Israel; April – 2013, Dr. G. Goobes,

Title: “Dynamics of guest molecules at the inner surface of mesoporous molecules studied by deuterium MAS NMR and Molecular Dynamic Simulations”

  • Technical University – Darmstadt- Germany: Aug 2012; Prof. Gerd Buntkowsky.

Title: “Deuterium Dynamic MAS NMR to study adsorption –desorption kinetics and restricted mobility of molecules at the inner surface of mesoporous materials.”

  • FMP – (Leibniz Institut fur Molekulare Pharmakologie ) Berlin – Germany, Aug; 2012: Prof. Dr. H. Oschkinat.

Title : “A Floquet Description of Phase Alternated Homonuclear Recoupling Sequence for Perdeuterated Systems in the Solid State”

  •   Technion – (Israel Institute of Technology), Haifa, Israel, Dec.; 2010: Prof. A. Schmidt.

Title: New Methodologies in measuring accurately hetero-nuclear dipolar coupling in non-spinning samples

  • National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, NHMFL – Florida, USA, July 2009: Prof. T. A. Cross.

Tilte : “Measurement of Heteronuclear Dipolar Coupling in Static Oriented Systems using Solid State NMR – New Techniques and Applications”

  • University of Southampton – Prof. M. H. Levitt’s lab – U. K. Sep 2007 :

Title : Techniques for Structure Determination in Solid State NMR – Deuterium Exchange Studies and DAPT : a new Polarization Transfer Scheme

Oral Presentation : Conference/Symposium
  • Indian Physics Association - Pressing for Progress, University of Hyderabad, 19-21 September 2019.
  • NMR Gyroscope and Atomic Magnetometer: talk at IISU, Dec., 2017
  • Peptides: Natural and Designed-An NMR point of view: Symposium Organized by NMR Research Centre -IISc Bangalore; 11th July 2017.
  • NMR Meets Materials;  organized by TIFR Centre of Interdisciplinary Sciences (TCIS); 5-6 MAy 2017.
  • 7th Asia-Pacific NMR  and 23rd NMRS symposium, IISc Bangalore, Feb 16-19, 2017.
  • 16th National Magnetic Resonance Society Meeting and Special Symposium on Biomedical Applications, Lucknow – India: Feb. 2010
  • Rocky Mountain Conference in Analytical Chemistry Aspen, U.S.A. July 19- 23, 2009.
  • National Magnetic Resonance Society – 05-08, 2007, Pune,  INDIA
  • Indo-French Workshop on current developments in SS-NMR Pune, INDIA 18-21 July, 2005.
  • European Magnetic Resonance Meeting (EUROMAR), Dublin July 1-5, 2012, Dublin-Ireland.
  • 7th Alpine conference on SSNMR – 2011- Chamonix- France.
  • 16th Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Society meeting and Special Symposium on Biomedical applications Lucknow- India.
  • Attended the International School on Solid State NMR – January 4-8, 2010, Ooty – India
  • 5th Alpine Conference on SS-NMR – Chamonix 9-13 Sep, 2007
  • Attended European School on Solid State NMR – Advance Materials – Safed – Israel. July 8-13 2007.
  • International Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Biological Systems – Gottingen – Germany Aug 20-25, 2006
  • Attended International Workshop on recent trends in SS-NMR IISc-Bangalore. Jan. 24-26, 2005
  • International Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Biology and National Magnetic Resonance Society meeting – Hyderabad . Jan. 16-21. 2005.
  • Ms. V. S. Veena (Aug. 2016- July 2020) Thesis Submitted
  • Defended on March 2021

     (Present posion: Working as Scientist C in Forensic Science Laboratory, Government of Kerala.)

  • Mr. Sadasivan V Sajith (2018 January - on going )