Selected Mechanisms from 'Mechanisms in Modern Engineering Design', by I. I. Artobolevsky, MIR Publishers, Moscow, 1986.

The mechansims listed below were selected by four MTech students who were TAs for the course 'Kinematics of Machinery' in 2005-06 at IIT Bombay. Names of these MTech students appear in the pdf files describing the mechanisms. They are

M.M.V. Krishnam Raju, Rajdeep Dewangan, Kable Sachin L., and Laxmikant Khandare.

I thank them for making these compilations and making them available to me.

The codes given for the listed mechansims relate to the codes used in the lists prepared by the TAs. The numbers of the mechanisms in Artobolevsky's book are also given.

There are some errors and omissions in the descriptions. When working as an engineer, you will come across badly drawn mechanisms and descriptions which are incomplete or erroneous. It is not a bad idea to try to reach proper understanding in spite of errors in descriptions, and so the inadvertant errors in the descriptions here have been left uncorrected.

Some questions to ponder over, are also given.

K Kurien Issac