Gasdynamics Books List

This is a compilation of popular gasdynamics books

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  2. Benedict, R. P., Fundamentals of Gas Dynamics, John Wiley & Sons, New York (1983).
  3. Bose, T. K., High Temperature Gas Dynamics, Springer, New York (2004).
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  6. Chapman, A. J., High Speed Flow, Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge (2000).
  7. Chapman, A. J. and W. F. Walker, Introductory Gas Dynamics, Holt, Rinehart & Winston (1971).
  8. Chernyi, G. G., Introduction to Hypersonic Flow, Academic Press, New York (1961).
  9. Courant, R. and K. O. Friedrichs, Supersonic Flows and Shock Waves, Interscience Publishers, New York (1948).
  10. Hodge, B. K. and K. Koenig, Compressible Fluid Dynamics with Personal Computer Applications, Prentice Hall, NJ (1995).
  11. Husain, Z., Gas Dynamics through Problems, Halsted Press, New York (1989).
  12. Imrie, B. W., Compressible Fluid Flow, Butterworths (1973).
  13. John, J. E. A., Gas Dynamics, 2nd ed., Prentice-Hall, NJ (1997).
  14. John, J. E. A. and Keith, T., Gas Dynamics, 3rd ed., Prentice-Hall, NJ (2006).
  15. Liepmann, H. W. and A. Roshko, Elements of Gasdynamics, John Wiley & Sons, New York (1957).
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  18. Owczarek, J. A., Fundamentals of Gas Dynamics, International Textbook, PA (1964).
  19. Pai, S.-I., Introduction to the Theory of Compressible Flow, D. Van Nostrand, Princeton (1959).
  20. Rathakrishnan, E., Gas Dynamics, Prentice-Hall India (1995).
  21. Rotty, R. M., Introduction to Gas Dynamics, John Wiley & Sons (1962).
  22. Saad, M. A., Compressible Fluid Flow, 2nd ed., Prentice-Hall, NJ (1993).
  23. Schreier, S., Compressible Flow, Wiley, New York (1982).
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  28. von Mises, R., Mathematical Theory of Compressible Fluid Flow, Academic Press, New York (1958).
  29. Yahya, S. M., Fundamentals of Compressible Flow, 3rd ed., New Age International Publishers (2003).
  30. Zucker, R. D. and O. Biblarz, Fundamentals of Gas Dynamics, 2nd ed., McGraw-Hill, New York (2002).
  31. Zucrow, M. J., Gas Dynamics: Multidimensional Flow, Krieger Publishing Co. (1985).
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