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  • 3:53 PM, Sunday, 26 Sep 2021

IIST encourages the faculty members to write Research Projects which are fully funded by the institute. Project proposals may be submitted to the Research Council forwarded through the Head of the Department

Various project schemes are available

  • IIST Research Project
  • IIST-ISRO Project
  • IIST Fast-Track Research Project

Project propasal forms can be downloaded from the link below

Project Proposal Form


List of Projects
# Project Title Category Investigators Co-PI Status
1 Development of experimental rover and investigation of mobility and approaches for local and global motion planning on uneven terrain IIST/ISRO Dr. K. Kurien Issac Ongoing
2 Experimental investigation of laminar burning velocity premixed ISROSENE/ AIR/ OXYGEN mixtures using freely expanding spherical flames IIST/ISRO Dr. C. Prathap Ongoing
3 Modelling and Development of N2O4(Oxidant used in rocket engines)Scrubber system IIST/ISRO Dr.A Salih,Dr.K Prabhakaran, Kuruvila Joseph Ongoing
4 Machining studies on aluminium alloy with silicon carbide particles reinforced metal composites(MMC) IIST Dr.K. Jayakumar Completed
5 Development of desktop type FDM based multi-jet 3D polymer printing system and allied research IIST/ISRO Dr. V. S. Sooraj,Dr.Praveen,Mr. Pradeep Completed
6 Investigation of micro-patterning of surface in aerospace applications IIST Dr.Sooraj V S Completed
7 Investigation of traversability of wheeled rovers on uneven terrain IIST Mr. Sam Noble, Prof. Kurien Issac Completed
8 Whirling beam experiments for flapping wing Micro Aerial Vehicles (MAVs) IIST Prof. Kurien Issac, Dr. G. Rajesh Completed
9 Experimental and Numerical study of stationary flat flames IIST/ISRO Dr. C. Prathap  Completed
10 Multi-objective, Multi-disciplinary design optimization of a semi-ballistic Re-entry vehicle using high fidelity heat flux Estimation IIST Mr. Pankaj Priyadarshi Completed
11 Studies on Crack propagation in composites by Micro Raman spectroscopy IIST/ISRO Dr. S. Anup  Completed
12 To study the effect of real gas on the aerodynamic coefficient and heat transfer coefficients of re-entry module configurations IIST Mr. Pankaj Priyadarshi Completed
13 Performance characterization and development of numerical model for Cavitating Venturi IIST/ISRO Dr. Pradeep Kumar P Completed
14 Numerical simulation of turbulent reacting flows in semi cryogenic and tri- propellant engines. IIST Dr. M. Deepu, Dr. A. Salih  Completed
15 Design of interplanetary trajectories for specified planetary arrival condition IIST Dr. R. V. Ramanan Completed
16 Structural Reliability of thin Cylindrical and Spherical shells used for Aerospace Structures IIST/ISRO Dr.Arun C. O Completed
17 Studies on secondary injection to an expanding supersonic cross flow IIST/ISRO Dr. Rajesh Sadanandan Completed
18 Assessment of machining characteristics of ablative materials IIST/ISRO Dr. Chakravarthy, Dr. V. S. Sooraj, Mr. Mohankumar (VSSC) Completed
19 Latent and Sensible heat thermal storage system for medium and high temperature CSP applications IIST-Fasttrack Dr. Manu K V Completed
20 Mixing Enhancement in Supersonic Combustors Using Pylon-Cavity Flame Holder IIST-Fasttrack Dr. Rajesh Sadanandan Completed
21 Investigation of wavy micro channel flow with nano fluids IIST/ISRO Dr.Shine S R,Dr. V S Sooraj ,Dr.Rajesh S,Mr.Deepak Kumar Agarwal Completed
22 High- Speed unsteady flow past spiked blunt bodies IIST-Fasttrack Dr. Manoj T. Nair Completed
23 Influence of Compressibility and Stream wise Pressure gradient on Film cooling performance IIST/ISRO Dr. Shine S R,Mr. J C Pisharady Completed
24 Design of autonomously walking humanoid robot IIST Prof. Kurien Issac, Mr. Sam K. Zachariah Completed
25 Rocket Injector spray studies IIST Dr. V. Aravind  Completed
26 Development and Realization of a 3-D RANS CFD Code IIST Mr. Pankaj Priyadarshi Completed
27 Molecular Dynamics Studies on Fracture of Bio-Composites IIST Dr. Anup S, Dr. Bijudas C.R, Dr. Ramesh Narayanan-VSSC, Shri. Sudarsan Rao-VSSC Completed
28 Investigation of deployment of antenna for space application Ms. Roshina Babu, Prof. Kurien Issac Completed
29 Laser sheet droplet sizing for spray studies IIST/ISRO Dr. V. Aravind Completed
# Project Title Category Investigators Co-PI Status
1 Research and Development of an Integrated Enterprise Network Security System IIST/ISRO Dr. B. S. Manoj B. Thanudas, VSSC, Trivandrum Ongoing
2 Pervasive computing for disaster response IIST Dr. BS Manoj Ongoing
3 IIST Small Satellite (Ahan) IIST Dr. Priydarshan, Dr. Harsha Simha M. S All PIs of satellite team Ongoing
4 Triband (S/X/Ka) Monopulse Auto Tracking Feed for LEO satellites IIST/ISRO Dr. Basudeb Ghosh and Dr. Chinmoy Saha T Naga Sekhar , G Baig and Sandip Sankar Roy Ongoing
5 Decoder for CCSDS Recommended Turbo Codes IIST/ISRO Dr. R Lakshmi Narayanan Sri Thirupathirajan Sankaralingam Ongoing
6 Subsystems for InspireSat1 IIST Dr. Priydarshan Dr. Harsha Simha M. S, Dr. Sudarshan K, Dr. Raveendranath P Ongoing
7 Indigenous design and development of reaction wheel actuator systems for small satellites IIST/ISRO Dr. Priyadarshnam Dr. Harsha Simha M. S Ongoing
8 SERB Extra Mural Research Funding SERB-DST Dr. Seena V Ongoing
9 Pervasive computing for disaster response IIST Dr. BS Manoj Ongoing
10 Development of MEMS Accelerometer with Ultra-Sensitive Transductions for Space Applications IIST/ISRO Dr. Seena V Ongoing
11 Design and Analysis of passive and active optical waveguides for optical interconnects IIST Dr. Sooraj R Ongoing
12 Design of Autonomous walking Humanoid Robot IIST Sam Zachariah Ongoing
13 Design and Development of NavIC receiver MoES Dr. Priyadarshnam, Dr. Sheeba Rani J, Dr. Lakshminarayanan Ongoing
14 ADCS test setup for spacecraft docking system using quadcopters IIST/ISRO Dr. Harsha Simha M. S, Dr. Priyadarshnam Dr. Pankaj Priyadarshi, VSSC Ongoing
15 Control Design Strategy for Systems with structured uncertainty IIST Dr Rajesh Joseph Abraham Mr. Anish Antony, VSSC Ongoing
16 Mars Orbiter Mission-2 payload proposal titled Advanced Retarding Potential Analyzer for Martian Ionospheric Studies (ARIS) IIST/ISRO Dr. KM Ambili (ESS) Dr. R. Sudharshan Kaarthik, Dr. Anoop CS, Dr. Rajeecan PP Ongoing
17 Development of Control Design strategy for Coupled MIMO systems for ORV IIST Dr Rajesh Joseph Abraham Mr. Kapil Kumar Sharma, VSSC Ongoing
18 Development of Real-Time Gas Sensor Array to Monitor Critical Gases in Crew Module for Human Space Mission. IIST/ISRO Dr. Palash Kumar Basu Mr.Sreejith,HSFC Ongoing
19 Optimal Scheduling and Routing of Packets over Delay Tolerant Hierarchical Interplanetary networks IIST Dr. B. S. Manoj Dr. Vineeth B. S Ongoing
20 Development of a low complexity modulated wideband converter for sub-Nyquist wideband spectrum sensing IIST-Fasttrack Dr. S. Chris Prema Ongoing
21 Investigation, Design, and Implementation of Multifunctional 5G Antenna Systems for Cognitive Radio and mm-Wave Applications DST Dr. Chinmoy Saha Ongoing
22 Investigating the Nanomaterial Based Exosome Sensor for Cancer Prognostic: An Approach towards Liquid Biopsy for Cancer Department of Biotechnology Dr. Palash Kumar Basu Dr. Suparna Sengupta, RGCB Ongoing
23 Wireless ReLoD - Wireless Reliable, Low Latency Networks for IIoT and FieldBus replacement SERB-DST Dr. Vineeth B S Ongoing
24 Design of a Transmitter with Integrated Power Amplifier (PA) for Millimeter-wave 5G Bands in 65nm CMOS SERB-DST Dr.Immanuel Raja Ongoing
25 LOC approaches for Separation and analysis of Exosome Derived Biomarkers for Cancer Prognostics DST Dr. Palash Kumar Basu Principal Investigator and Directrice de Recherche CNRS.LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France), Dr. Wilfrid Boireau, ( CO-Principal Investigator and Directeur de Recherche CNRS, FEMTO-ST, Besançon, France) Ongoing
26 Development and Analysis of Image Fusion Techniques for Satellite Images IIST Dr. Deepak Mishra Dr. Sarvesh Kumar Ongoing
27 Design of On-Chip Passives for Millimeter-wave (Ka-band) Circuits IIST-Fasttrack Dr. Immanuel Raja Ongoing
28 Development of Low-cost, Low Power, High-Performance Sensor Array on Flexible Substrate with Integrated Optical Source to Measure the Emission of Green House Gases: Applications towards Agriculture and Aquaculture including Harsh Environment. Department of Biotechnology Dr. Palash Kumar Basu Dr.Priyadarshanam Ongoing
29 Indigenous human health care development in Space IIST/ISRO Dr. N Selvaganesan Dr.Vanidevi and Dr.Deepak TG Ongoing
30 Developing of Virtual reality model for disaster simulation IIST Dr. Deepak Mishra Completed
31 Flash ADC Design- IIST-SCL collaboration Project IIST/ISRO Dr. Sheebarani Dr. H.S.Jatana Completed
32 Design and Development of High Performance Hydrogen Sensor for IPRC, Mahendragiri IIST/ISRO Dr. PK Basu Shri Basu Alaguvelu IPRC, Mahendragiri Completed
33 ASIC Design-SAR ADC IIST/ISRO Dr. Sheebarani Dr. H.S.Jatana, Mr.Mohammed Aseem Completed
34 Fabrication and Characterization of Graphene Based RF Transistor IIST/ISRO Dr. PK Basu Shri Apurba Bhattacharya, SAC, Ahmedabad Completed
35 Design and Implementation of a Compact Wideband Microstrip Patch Antenna. IIST/ISRO Dr. Chinmoy Saha Mr. KK Mukundan Completed
36 Study of Switching Topologies and Control Schemes for isolated DC-DC Power Converters IIST/ISRO Dr. Anindya Dasgupta Smt. Sajitha G, VSSC,Trivandrum Completed
37 IIST Mesh Net: A Programmable Hybrid Wireless Mesh Network Testbed IIST Dr. BS Manoj Completed
38 A Study on the Effects of ionospheric variabilities on the usability of NavIC/GAGAN Using observations and models IIST/ISRO Dr. Priyadarshnam Dr. Ambili K. M, VSSC, Dr. Rajat Acharaya, SAC, Ahmedabad Completed
39 Decoupled Control Scheme for Dual Permanent Magnet Machine Actuators IIST Dr. R. Sudharshan Karthik Completed
40 Autonomous Landing System with Ground Penetrating Radar IIST Dr. S Chris Prema Dr. Thomas Kurian Completed
41 Real time algorithms for track estimation for Multiobject Tracking Radar IIST/ISRO Dr. Vineeth B S Dr. Sai Gorthi Completed
42 Design and Implementation of Helmet Antennas IIST-Fasttrack Dr. Basudeb Ghosh Completed
43 Modelling and controller design for micro actuators IIST/ISRO Dr. N.Selvaganesan Mr.D.Venkittaraman / Mr.Raji George / Mr.Rajesh Ravi (LPSC) Completed
44 High Performance SAR ADC with autocalibration and correction for sensor closed loop applications IIST Dr. Immanuel Raja Mrs. Rekha & Mr. Raghunath, IISU Completed
45 Indo-US collaborative Research on Pervasive Computing for Disaster Response IIST Dr. B. S. Manoj Completed
46 RapidMAC: Development of a rapid prototyping software for multiple access protocols IIST-Fasttrack Dr. Vineeth B S Completed
47 Design, Modelling and Implementation of deep neural networks for automatic landslide detection and susceptibility mapping Dr. Deepak Mishra Completed
48 Object Based High Resolution Image Analysis for the Land Slide and Land Use Land Cover Classification’ IIST/ISRO Dr. Deepak Mishra, Dr. Tapas Martha Dr. RamaRao Completed
49 Design and Development of Brushless DC Motor IIST/ISRO Dr. N.Selvaganeshan Shri M N Namboothiripad and Pradeep Kumar, VSSC,Trivandrum Completed
50 Development of Tactile Sensor for Under Actuated Robotic Hand IIST/ISRO Dr. Priyadarshnam and Dr. Harsha Simha Biju Prasad, VSSC Closed
51 Mirror Satellite for AAReST IIST Dr. Priydadarshnam, Dr. Harsha Simha M. S All PIs of satellite team Closed
52 MICRONet – Mobile Infrastructure for Coastal Region Offshore Communications & Networks IIST/ISRO Dr. B. S. Manoj Closed
# Project Title Category Investigators Co-PI Status
1 Superionic conductor as electrolytes for all solid state lithium sulfur batteries IIST Dr. J. Mary Gladis Dr. Manuel Stephan (CSIR-CECRI) Ongoing
2 Plasma Functionalized CNT-Polymer Nancomposites for satellite structural Applicational IIST/ISRO Dr. N. Gomathi Dr. Prof. Kuruvilla Joseph Dr. C Gouri (VSSC) Ongoing
3 N-doped misoporous corbon-sulphur composites based cathode materials for advanced lithium sulfur batteries IIST/ISRO Dr. J. Mary Gladis Dr. C Gouri (VSSC) Dr. S A Ilangovan (VSSC) Smt. S Sujatha (VSSC) Ongoing
4 Study of silicon nanoparticle-polymer core-shell structure as anode material for lithium batteries IIST/ISRO Dr. K. Y. Sandhya & Dr. Nirmala Rachel James Dr. S A Ilangovan (VSSC) Smt. S Sujatha (VSSC) Ongoing
5 Flexible wiping substrate for SERS detection of explosives IIST/ISRO Dr. Jobin Cyriac Dr. Benny K George(VSSC) Bhuvaneswari S (VSSC) Ongoing
6 Silicon –Graphene based composite as anode materials for lithium battery cells IIST/ISRO Dr. K Y Sandhya Dr. S A Ilangovan (VSSC) Smt. S Sujatha (VSSC) Ongoing
7 Development and Evaluation of Alumina Foams by Emulsion Casting IIST/ISRO Dr. K. Prabhakaran Dr. R Sreeja (VSSC) Dr.Deepa Devapal (VSSC), Dr. P V Prabhakaran (PCM,VSSC) Ongoing
8 Development of carbon foam –CMC sandwich composites IIST/ISRO Dr.K Prabhakaran Dr. P V Prabhakaran (VSSC) Dr. R Sreeja (VSSC) Ongoing
9 Intrinsically conducting polymide composites with CNT or Graphene having electrostatic charge mitigating charactering for space applications IIST/ISRO Prof. Kuruvilla Joseph Dr. Muraleekrishnan (VSSC) Dr. R S Rajeev (VSSC) Ongoing
10 Functionalised N-Contraing Heterocycles as aurora kinase inhibitors-Computational design & library synthesis. IIST Dr. K. G .Sreejalekshmi Ongoing
11 Plasma Modification of CNT and Polymer Nanocomposites there of for Space Application. IIST Dr. N Gomathi Prof. Kuruvilla Joseph Dr. C P Regunadhan Nair(VSSC) Completed
12 Development of carbon foams for High Temperature Thermal Protection Application IIST Dr. K. Prabhakaran Dr. K Y Sandhya Completed
13 Polymer-Nano composites for Electronic and Photonic Application IIST Dr. Honey John Dr. Pramod Gopinath Completed
14 Development of high performance impermeable membranes from halobutyl rubber nanocomposites for critical space applications IIST/ISRO Prof. Kuruvilla Joseph Completed
15 Development and feasibility study of polymeric Scaffolds for Tissue Culture under Microgravity IIST Dr. Nirmala Rachel James Dr. AnilKumar P.R (SCTIMST) Completed
# Project Title Category Investigators Co-PI Status
1 Citygml based 3D models for smart cities in india using lidar point cloud DST Dr A M Ramiya Dr Rama Rao Nidamanuri Ongoing
2 Structural and functional characterization of cropping systems using hyperspectral and 3D laser scanning data and bigdata analytics Department of Biotechnology Prof. Rama Rao Ongoing
3 Understanding the Physical Conditions of Baryons Outside of Galaxies in the Low Redshift Universe DST Anand Narayanan Ongoing
4 Monitoring the health of mangroves of Maharashtra state using near real time satellite remote sensing data Dr. Gnanappazham L & Dr. Dadhwal V K Ongoing
5 Max Planck Partner Group for Galactic Star Formation Max Planck Society Dr. Jagadheep D. Ongoing
6 Probing the Intergalactic and Circumgalactic Medium DST Dr. Vikram Khaire Ongoing
7 Physics of radio bright Gamma Ray Burst Afterglows DST Dr Resmi L Dr Kuntal Misra (ARIES, Nainital) Ongoing
8 Understanding the influence of young massive stars on the surrounding interstellar medium DST Dr. Sarita Vig Ongoing
9 Above ground volume/biomass estimation and validation using airborne S- and L-band NISAR data and radiative transfer modeling SAC Ahmedabad Dr Rama Rao Nidamanuri, Dr Smitha Ashok (All Saints College) Completed
10 Multi-wavelength study of massive star forming regions IIST Dr.Anandmayee Tej Completed
11 Improving the snow forecast of SASE using four dimensional variational data assimilation system DRDO Dr Govindan Kutty M Dr Sudhanshu Sekar Completed
12 Star formation in yough Galactic clusters associated with massive stars IIST Dr.Sarita Vig Dr.Anandmayee Tej Completed
13 A comprehensive study on crustal dichotomy and extensional tectonics in and around Valles Marineris, Mars ISRO-MOM-1 AO Dr. Rajesh V.J Completed
14 Evaluation of the potential of hyperspectral remote sensing for species level classification and biophysical characterization of mangroves of Bhitarkanika National Park, Orissa IIST Dr. Gnanappazham L Completed
15 Spectral characterization and morphology of olivine-pyroxene-spinel bearing lithologies on Moon: implications for lunar endogenic processes ISRO-Chandrayaan-1 AO Dr. Rajesh V.J Completed
16 Deep crustal processes during the evolution of archaean Nilgiri block, southern India MoES Dr.Sajeev Krishnan (CEaS, IISc Bangalore) Dr. Rajesh V J Completed
17 Improving the operational weather forecast of NARL using hybrid ensemble variational data assimilation method for WRF model. IIST/ISRO Dr. Govindankutty M Dr. Amit P Kesarkar (NARL, Gadanki) Completed
18 Continental construction of the Altaids (Central Asian orogenic belt) compared to actualistic examples from the Western Pacific. IGCP Dr. Rajesh V.J (Participating Member) Completed
19 Impact of assimilating SAPHIR and GPS-ROS data From MEGHA TROPIQUES in high resolution mesoscale model fro prediction of servere weather over IIST Dr.A Chandrasekar Completed
20 Study of Moon and Mars analogues: Investigations on orthopyroxene-olivine-spinel (OOS) group of minerals and cumulate rocks in India based on remote sensing, mineralogical and geochemical methods. ISRO-Mars Science & Application Program Dr. Rajesh V.J , Dr. S.Bhattacharaya (SAC, Ahmedabad) Completed
21 Radio continuum mapping of ionized emission associated with infrared (IR) bubbles. IIST Dr.Anandmayee Tej Dr.Sarita Vig Completed
22 Paleo-geographic reconstruction: Development of a new GIS based methodology IISc-ISRO STC Dr. Sajeev Krishnan(CEaS, IISc Bangalore) Dr. Rajesh V.J. Completed
23 Geological and spectral studies of terrestrial analogue rocks: Implications for Mars exploration. IIST Dr.Rajesh V J, Dr. Gnanappazham Completed
24 Arc accretion in the past and present and its bearing on metallogeny DST Dr. Sajeev Krishnan(CEaS, IISc Bangalore) Dr. Tsuyoshi Toyoshima (PI), Niigata University, Japan Dr. Rajesh V.J. Completed
25 Paleogeographic reconstruction: Development of a new GIS based methodology IISc-ISRO STC Dr.Sajeev Krishnan (CEaS, IISc Bangalore) Dr. Rajesh v J Completed
26 Estimation of tropical forest biophysical parameters using UV and NIR JAXA/ NIES/ MoE (Japan) Dr. Rama Rao Nidamanuri Dr. A. M. Ramiya Completed
27 Development of a Stand-Alone Atmospheric Correction Module for Hyperspectral Data DST Dr Rama Rao Nidamanuri Completed
28 Integrating air and space borne spectroscopy and laser scanning to assess structural and functional characteristics of crops and field margin vegetation Department of Biotechnology Dr Rama Rao Nidamanuri & Dr Sunil Nautiyal (ISEC) Dr. A M Ramiya Completed
29 Spectral Biochemical Analysis of Forest Species using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing – A Case Study from Eastern Ghats Forest Ecosystems DST Dr Rama Rao Nidamanuri, Dr. Ramachandra Prasad, IIIT-Hyderabad Completed
30 Aerosol - cloud intraction under varying meteorological conditions. IIST Dr. M V Ramana Closed
31 Potential impact of land use chage on the regional climate of India subcontinent. IIST/ISRO Dr.Govindankutty M Dr. A Chandrasekar Dr. PVN Rao (NRSC, Hyderabad) Closed
# Project Title Category Investigators Co-PI Status
1 Assessment of Contribution of IIST Alumni in ISRO Progammes IIST/ISRO Dr. V Ravi and Dr. Gigy J Alex Ongoing
2 Lifeline of Remote India: A Study of Telemedicine units in India ICSSR Dr. Shaijumon C S, Dr. Lekshmi V Nair Ongoing
3 Perspective study of Telemedicine Mobile Van Utilisation IIST/ISRO Dr. Lekshmi V Nair, Dr. Shaijumon CS DECU-ISRO Completed
4 Study of select issues of New Product Development in R&D context in space technologies IIST Dr. Ravi V Completed
5 Hauni: Developing Communicative English Software for IIST student IIST Dr. Babitha Justin Completed
6 Local links and Impacts: The Role of ISRO Village Resource Centers in Regional Development IIST Dr. Shaijumon CS Completed
7 A Study on Creative Writers and Artists in Dept of Space IIST-Fasttrack Dr. Gigy J. Alex Completed
8 Violence Against Women In Kerala Police Dept & Indian Social Institute, New Delhi Dr. Lekshmi V Nair Completed
9 Women in New Profession- A Study of Women in the Tourism Industry in Kerala ICSSR Dr. Lekshmi V Nair Completed
10 Longevity - A study of Women Living Beyond 90yrs UGC Dr. Lekshmi V Nair Completed
11 Long Term Living in Institutions: A Study Of Elderly In Selected Old Age Homes Of Kerala UGC Dr. Lekshmi V Nair Completed
12 Space Technology and its Penetration into the Socio Economic Space of the Households of India IIST/ISRO Dr. Lekshmi V Nair, Dr. Shaijumon CS Completed
13 Feedback Study on RCI Edusat Network of North, South and West Region IIST/ISRO Dr. Lekshmi V Nair, Dr. Shaijumon CS DECU-ISRO Completed
# Project Title Category Investigators Co-PI Status
1 Numerical Approximation of Optimal Control Problems Using Virtual Element Methods DST Dr. Sarvesh Kumar Ongoing
2 Discontinuous virtual element approximation for non-stationary fluid flow problems DST Dr. Sarvesh Kumar Ongoing
# Project Title Category Investigators Co-PI Status
1 Comprehensive stationary plasma thruster diagnostics instrumentation IIST/ISRO Umesh Kadhane Ongoing
2 Controlled synthesis of coherence polarization of light and its application in optical imaging IIST Rakesh Kumar Singh Ongoing
3 Mathematical modeling of stationary plasma thruster IIST/ISRO Sudheesh chethil Ongoing
4 Suraface Engineeering techniques for improving the life and performance of ball bearings in ISRO spacecraft mechanisms IIST/ISRO Jinesh K.B Rejith S(IISU) Ongoing
5 Development of surface discharge spark plugs IIST/ISRO Jinesh K.B Assiz M.P (LPSC) Ongoing
6 Development of Laser ignition systems IIST/ISRO Jinesh K.B Prathap C (IIST), Assiz M.P (IISU) Ongoing
7 To investigate the growth and local electronic properties of two dimensional stanene on transition metal dichalcogenide (TMDC) and on topological insulator surfaces by LEED,STM and STS UGC-DAE-CSR-Indore Kuntala Bhattacharjee Sudipta Roy Barman Ongoing
8 Investigating the nano material based exosome sensor for cancer Department of Biotechnology Palash Kumar Basu, Kuntala Bhattacharjee,Suparna Sengupta Ongoing
9 Study of dynamics using Solid State NMR SERB-DST Jayanthi S NCL Pune Ongoing
10 Study of spectral anomalies in optical fields with uncorrelated and correlated spectra and applications DST Dinesh N. Naik Ongoing
11 Optical interferometry based sensor for structural displacement/deformation measurement of materials IIST-Fasttrack Dinesh N Naik Ongoing
12 Polymer nanocomposites for electronic and photonic applications IIST Pramod Gopinath Honey John Completed
13 Electronic manipulation of surface plasmon polaritons in graphene IIST-Fasttrack Jinesh K.B Completed
14 Investigation of excited state dynamics of isolated molecular ions IIST Umesh Kadhane Completed