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Research Projects : IIST
  • 4:48 AM, Wednesday, 22 Feb 2017

IIST encourages the faculty members to write Research Projects which are fully funded by the institute. Project proposals may be submitted to the Research Council forwarded through the Head of the Department

Various project schemes are available

  • IIST Research Project
  • IIST-ISRO Project
  • IIST Fast-Track Research Project

Project propasal forms can be downloaded from the link below

Project Proposal Form


List of Projects
# Project Title Category Investigators Co-PI Status
# Project Title Category Investigators Co-PI Status
1 Study of Switching Topologies and Control Schemes for isolated DC-DC Power Converters IIST/ISRO Dr. Anindya Dasgupta Smt. Sajitha G, VSSC,Trivandrum Ongoing
2 Pervasive computing for disaster response IIST Dr. BS Manoj Ongoing
3 IIST Mesh Net: A Programmable Hybrid Wireless Mesh Network Testbed IIST Dr. BS Manoj Ongoing
4 Design of Autonomous walking Humanoid Robot IIST Sam Zachariah Ongoing
5 Autonomous landing system with ground Penetrating Radar IIST Chris Prema Ongoing
6 Design and Implementation of Helmet Antennas IIST-Fasttrack Dr. Basudeb Ghosh Ongoing
7 Design and Development of Brushless DC Motor IIST/ISRO Dr. N.Selvaganeshan Shri M N Namboothiripad and Pradeep Kumar, VSSC,Trivandrum Ongoing
8 Research and Development of an Integrated Enterprise Network Security System IIST/ISRO Dr. B. S. Manoj B. Thanudas, VSSC, Trivandrum Ongoing
9 Design and Development of High Performance Hydrogen Sensor for IPRC, Mahendragiri IIST/ISRO Dr. PK Basu Shri Basu Alaguvelu IPRC, Mahendragiri Ongoing
10 Fabrication and Characterization of Graphene Based RF Transistor IIST/ISRO Dr. PK Basu Shri Apurba Bhattacharya, SAC, Ahmedabad Ongoing
11 Development of Tactile Sensor for Under Actuated Robotic Hand IIST/ISRO Dr. Priyadarsanam and Dr. Harsha Simha Ongoing
12 Decoder for CCSDS Recommended Turbo Codes IIST/ISRO Dr. R Lakshmi Narayanan Sri Thirupathirajan Sankaralingam Ongoing
# Project Title Category Investigators Co-PI Status
1 Functionalised N-Containing Heterocycles as Aurora Kinase Inhibitors-Computational Design and Library Synthesis IIST Dr. K.G. Sreejalekshmi Ongoing
2 Development of carbon foam-CMC sandwich composites IIST/ISRO Dr. K. Prabhakaran Dr. R. Sreeja, Dr.Deepa Devapal, Dr. P. V. Prabhakaran (PCM, VSSC) Ongoing
3 Development and evaluation of alumina foams by emulsion casting IIST/ISRO Dr. K. Prabhakaran Dr. R. Sreeja, Dr.Deepa Devapal, Dr. P.V. Prabhakaran (PCM, VSSC) Ongoing
4 Silicon-graphene based composite as anode material for Lithium batteries. IIST/ISRO Dr. Sandhya.K.Y. Dr. S. A. Ilangovan, Ms. S. Sujatha (PCM, VSSC) Ongoing
5 Detection of explosives using Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) IIST/ISRO Dr. Jobin Cyriac Dr. Benny K. George, Ms. Bhuvaneswari S (PCM, VSSC) Ongoing
6 Intrinsically conducting polyimide composites with CNT or graphene without compromising optical property IIST/ISRO Dr. Kuruvilla Joseph Mr.Nallaperumal, Dr. R.S. Rajeev (PCM, VSSC) Ongoing
7 Plasma Modification of CNT and Polymer Nanocomposites thereof for Space Applications IIST Dr. N. Gomathi Ongoing
8 Functionalized nitrogen containing Heterocycles as high energy materials for insensitive explosives and propellant compositions-computational design and synthesis. IIST Dr. K G Sreejalekshmi Ongoing
9 Polymer-Nano composites for Electronic and Photonic Application IIST Dr. Honey John Dr. Pramod Gopinath Completed
10 Development and feasibility study of polymeric Scaffolds for Tissue Culture under Microgravity IIST Dr. Nirmala Rachel James Dr. AnilKumar P.R (SCTIMST) Completed
11 Development of high performance impermeable membranes from halobutyl rubber nanocomposites for critical space applications IIST/ISRO Dr. Kuruvilla Joseph Completed
12 Development of carbon foams for High Temperature Thermal Protection Application IIST Dr. K. Prabhakaran Dr. K.Y. Sandhya Completed
# Project Title Category Investigators Co-PI Status
1 Developing virtual reality model for disaster simulation. IIST/ISRO Dr. Deepak Mishra Dr. Gorthi R K S S Manyam Ongoing
2 Improving the operational weather forecast of NARL using hybrid ensemble variational data assimilation method for WRF model. IIST/ISRO Dr. Govindankutty M Dr. Amit P Kesarkar (NARL, Gadanki) Ongoing
3 Aerosol - cloud intraction under varying meteorological conditions. IIST Dr. M V Ramana Ongoing
4 Continental construction of the Altaids (Central Asian orogenic belt) compared to actualistic examples from the Western Pacific. IGCP Dr. Rajesh V.J (Participating Member) Ongoing
5 Study of Moon and Mars analogues: Investigations on orthopyroxene-olivine-spinel (OOS) group of minerals and cumulate rocks in India based on remote sensing, mineralogical and geochemical methods. ISRO-Mars Science & Application Program Dr. Rajesh V.J , Dr. S.Bhattacharaya (SAC, Ahmedabad) Ongoing
6 Radio continuum mapping of ionized emission associated with infrared (IR) bubbles. IIST Dr.Anandmayee Tej Dr.Sarita Vig Ongoing
7 Geological and spectral studies of terrestrial analogue rocks: Implications for Mars exploration. IIST Dr.Rajesh V J, Dr. Gnanappazham Ongoing
8 Potential impact of land use chage on the regional climate of India subcontinent. IIST/ISRO Dr.Govindankutty M Dr. A Chandrasekar Dr. PVN Rao (NRSC, Hyderabad) Ongoing
9 Deep crustal processes during the evolution of archaean Nilgiri block, southern India MoES Dr.Sajeev Krishnan (CEaS, IISc Bangalore) Rajesh V J Ongoing
10 Object based high resolution image analysis for land slide and land use, land cover classification. IIST/ISRO Dr. Gorthi R K S S Manyam Dr. Deepak Mishra, Dr. Rama Rao N Ongoing
11 Impact of assimilating SAPHIR and GPS-ROS data From MEGHA TROPIQUES in high resolution mesoscale model fro prediction of servere weather over IIST Dr.A Chandrasekar Completed
12 Paleogeographic reconstruction: Development of a new GIS based methodology IISc-ISRO STC Dr.Sajeev Krishnan (CEaS, IISc Bangalore) Dr. Rajesh v J Completed
13 Estimation of tropical forest biophysical parameters using UV and NIR JAXA/ NIES/ MoE (Japan) Dr. Rama Rao Nidamanuri Ms. A.M.Ramiya Completed
14 Multi-wavelength study of massive star forming regions IIST Dr.Anandmayee Tej Completed
15 Star formation in yough Galactic clusters associated with massive stars IIST Dr.Sarita Vig Dr.Anandmayee Tej Completed
16 Evaluation of the potential of hyperspectral remote sensing for species level classification and biophysical characterization of mangroves of Bhitarkanika National Park, Orissa IIST Gnanappazham L Completed
# Project Title Category Investigators Co-PI Status
1 Space Technology and its Penetration into the Socio Economic Space of the Households of India IIST/ISRO Dr. Lekshmi V Nair, Dr. Shaijumon CS Ongoing
2 Study of select issues of new product development in R & D context IIST Dr. Ravi V Ongoing
3 A Study on Creative Writers and Artists in Dept of Space IIST-Fasttrack Dr. Gigy J. Alex Completed
4 Feedback Study on RCI Edusat Network of North, South and West Region IIST/ISRO Dr. Lekshmi V Nair, Dr. Shaijumon CS DECU-ISRO Completed
5 Perspective study of Telemedicine Mobile Van Utilisation IIST/ISRO Dr. Lekshmi V Nair, Dr. Shaijumon CS DECU-ISRO Completed
6 Hauni: Developing Communicative English Software for IIST student IIST Dr. Babitha Justin Completed
7 Local links and Impacts: The Role of ISRO Village Resource Centers in Regional Development IIST Dr. Shaijumon CS Completed
# Project Title Category Investigators Co-PI Status
1 Controllability of Fuzzy Systems IIST Dr. Raju K. George - Completed
2 Indo-French Research Project on Control of Partial Differential Equations IIST Dr. Raju K. George - Completed
3 The Dynamics and Rheology of a dilute suspension of periodically forced spheroids in a quiescent fluid at low Reynolds number IIST Dr. C.V. Anilkumar Dr. T.Ramamohan (CMACS) Completed
# Project Title Category Investigators Co-PI Status
1 Comprehensive stationary plasma thruster diagnostics instrumentation IIST/ISRO Umesh Kadhane Ongoing
2 Controlled synthesis of coherence polarization of light and its application in optical imaging IIST Rakesh Kumar Singh Ongoing
3 Electronic manipulation of surface plasmon polaritons in graphene IIST-Fasttrack Jinesh K.B Ongoing
4 Mathematical modeling of stationary plasma thruster IIST/ISRO Sudheesh chethil Ongoing
5 Investigation of excited state dynamics of isolated molecular ions IIST Umesh Kadhane Completed
6 Polymer nanocomposites for electronic and photonic applications IIST Pramod Gopinath Honey John Completed