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  • 9:58 PM, Tuesday, 26 Oct 2021

Department of Mathematics

IIST was established in 2007 to foster research oriented towards Space Science and Technology and also to stimulate collaborative research with various units of ISRO and other institutes at a deeper academic level. As part of this initiative department of mathematics was started in 2007. It offers courses at undergraduate and post graduate level for Aerospace and Avionics Engineering branches.
Department also runs an M.Tech programme in Machine Learning and Computing. At present we have 11 faculty members working in various areas of pure as well as applied mathematics including Mathematical Control Theory, Industrial Mathematics and softcomputing, Suspension Rheology, Time Series Analysis, Mathematical Elasticity, Homogenization, Partial Differential Equations, Differential Geometry and its Applications, Stochastic Modeling & Analysis, Queuing Theory, Queuing Network Models, Numerical Solutions to Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Analysis and Singularly Perturbed Differential Equations, Computational Partial Differential Equations, Finite Element Methods, Finite Volume Methods and Discontinuous Galerkin Methods, Commutative Algebra, Machine Learning & Data Mining, Control and Inverse Problems for Deterministic and Stochastic Partial Differential Equations.
Department is also actively engaged in other activities like organizing training/nurture programme in mathematics for undergraduate students as well as seminar/workshops by renowned scientist from various parts of the world.