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  • 1:13 AM, Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

Course Undergraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code AV474
Subject Title Cryptography


Introduction to number theory – Symmetric key and Public key crypto systems which includes
pseudorandom functions and permutations, block ciphers, symmetric encryption schemes,
security of symmetric encryption schemes, hash functions, message authentication codes
(MACs), security of MACs, PKI, public‐key(asymmetric) encryption, digital signatures, security
of asymmetric encryption and digital signature scheme. Chaos base cryptography systems – quantum computing – introduction to smartcard technology.

Text Books

1. William Stallings, “Cryptography And Network Security – Principles and Practices”, Pearson
Education, Third Edition, 2003.

2. Behrouz A. Foruzan, “Cryptography and Network Security”, Tata McGraw‐Hill, 2007

3. Bruce Schneier, “Applied Cryptography”, John Wiley & Sons Inc, 2001.

4. Wade Trappe and Lawrence C. Washington , “ Introduction to Cryptography with coding
theory” , Pearson Education, 2007.

5. Wenbo Mao, “ Modern Cryptography Theory and Practice” , Pearson Education, 2007.

6. Thomas Calabrese, “Information Security Intelligence: Cryptographic Principles and
Applications”, Thomson Delmar Learning,2006.


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