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  • 8:29 PM, Saturday, 16 Oct 2021

Course Undergraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code AE483
Subject Title Introduction to Robotics


Overview of industrial manipulators and field robots – robot mechanisms: serial chains, regional and orientational mechanisms, parallel chains, reachable and dexterous workspace, mechanisms of wheeled and walking robots – spatial displacements, rotation matrices, Euler angles, homogenous transformation, DH parameters, forward and inverse problems for serial and parallel manipulators – task planning joint space and task-space planning – sensors: joint displacement sensors, force sensors, range finders, vision sensors – actuators, electric motors: stepper, PMDC and brushless DC motors, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators – speed reducers – servo control of manipulators: joint feedback control, effect of nonlinearities, inverse dynamic control, force feedback control – higher level control, path planning, configuration space, road map methods, graph search algorithms, potential field method.

Experiments: (a) manipulator kinematics (accuracy, inverse kinematics, task planning), (b) feedback control of simple manipulator, (c) motion control of wheeled mobile robots, and (d) path planning with obstacles.

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