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  • 3:57 PM, Sunday, 24 Oct 2021

Course Dual Degree (B. Tech + Master of Science / Master of Technology)
Semester Sem. I
Subject Code AE111
Subject Title Introduction to Aerospace Engineering


History of aviation – standard atmosphere – aerodynamic forces – lift generation – airfoils and wings – drag polar – concept of static stability – anatomy of an aircraft – mechanism of thrust production – propellers – jet engines and their operation – helicopters – aircraft performance – simple manoeuvres – aerospace materials and structural elements – aircraft instruments. Elements of rocket propulsion – launch vehicle dynamics – basic orbital mechanics – satellite applications and orbits – future challenges in aerospace engineering.

Text Books

Information Not Available


1. Anderson, D. F. and Eberhardt, S., Understanding Flight, 2nd ed., McGraw-Hill (2009).

2. Anderson, J. D., Introduction to Flight, 7th ed., McGraw-Hill (2011).

3. Szebehely, V. G. and Mark, H., Adventures in Celestial Mechanics, 2nd ed., Wiley (1998).

4. Turner, M. J. L., Rocket and Spacecraft Propulsion: Principles, Practice and New Developments, 3rd ed., Springer (2009).