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  • 8:59 PM, Saturday, 16 Oct 2021

Course Undergraduate
Semester Electives
Subject Code AE493
Subject Title Two Phase Flow and Heat Transfer


Review of Single-Phase Flows: one-dimensional conservation equations – introduction to twophase flows – flow regimes.

Flow Models for Two-Phase Flows: one-dimensional homogeneous flow model – separated flow model – drift flux model – simplified treatment of bubbly, slug, and annular flows – flow regime maps – transition criterion – pressure drop correlations and void fraction correlation – phenomenological description of flooding – critical two-phase flows – prediction models.

Liquid-Vapour Phase Change Phenomenon: pool boiling – wetting phenomenon – bubble dynamics – nucleation concepts – convective boiling – heat transfer in partially and fully developed sub-cooled boiling – heat transfer in saturated boiling.

Critical Heat Flux: prediction methodologies – instabilities in boiling channel – methodologies for prediction.

Condensation Fundamentals: film condensation theory – dropwise condensation theory – introductory aspects of flow instabilities in condensation.

Flow Modeling: flow modeling aspects in natural and forced circulation heat removal in boiling systems – handling cryogenic fluid flow systems – modeling of pulsating heat pipe for electronic cooling

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