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  • 2:20 PM, Tuesday, 21 Sep 2021

Course Postgraduate
Semester Sem. II
Subject Code CHM624
Subject Title Aerospace Materials


Carbon based materials- carbon fiber, carbon-carbon composites, carbon aerogels  and foams,  Ceramic materials- polymer derived ceramics, ceramic fibers, ceramic matrix composites, thermal barrier coatings,  ceramics aerogels and foams, Ultrahigh temperature ceramics; materials with zero thermal expansion, Metallic materials- Evolution of materials for aerospace sectors, super alloys, titanium alloys, intermetallics and metal matrix composites; High temperature polymers- aromatic liquid crystalline polyesters, polyamide, phenolics, polyimide, poly ether ether ketones; Materials for cryogenic application, Materials for space environment, Materials for spacecraft,  Functionally graded materials.Space worthiness of materials.


Detailed version

Carbon based materials: Carbon fiber- precursors and production, properties; carbon-carbon composites- production, properties and applications; Carbon aero-gels; Carbon foams;

Ceramic materials: Polymer derived ceramics- synthesis, processing of pre-ceramic polymers, ceramic fibers, Ceramic matrix composites, Thermal barrier coatings, Ablative materials, Silica tiles, Ceramic aerogels, Porous ceramics and ceramic foams, Ultrahigh temperature ceramics- TiB2, ZrB2, HfB2 and their composites,  Materials with zero thermal expansion-glass ceramics-preparation and application

Metallic materials: Super alloys, Titanium alloys, Intermetallics and metal matrix composites, Functionally graded materials -production, properties and application

High temperature polymers: Aromatic liquid crystalline polyesters, Phenolics, Polyimide, Poly ether ether ketones- synthesis, processing and applications 

Materials for cryogenic applications: Metals for low temperature applications, Austenitic stainless steel, Nitrogen containing steel, Aluminium, Aluminium-lithium alloys, Titanium alloys, Cryo insulation materials, Polymers and adhesive for cryo temperature applications

Materials for space environment: Radiation shielding materials, Atomic oxygen resistant materials, Space suit materials and materials for life support systems, Evaluation of materials for space environment and space worthiness. 

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