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  • 11:06 PM, Saturday, 25 Jan 2020

Course Postgraduate
Semester Sem. II
Subject Code CHM644
Subject Title Lab IV: aerospace Materials


1. Preparation of a high temperature thermal insulting foam and study its microstructure, thermal diffusivity / thermal conductivity
2. Heat treatment studies on super alloys and aluminium alloys to understand the precipitation hardening
3. Studies on shape memory effect on Nitinol
4. Compression tests on aerospace alloys and foams for thermal protection to evaluate the stress-strain behavior and their plastic constants
5. Single-shear and double shear testing on welded joints
6. TIG Welding of and its qualification using NDT technique such as Ultrasonic Testing/Radiographic testing and dye penetration testing
7. Electrochemical corrosion studies on aerospace alloys using Tafel plot method
8. Metallographic studies on forged and welded metals/alloys
(a) to analyze the grain flow pattern in forged samples
(b) Analyzing the weld zone, heat affected zone and parent metal of the welded sample
9. Aging studies on aluminium alloys using differential scanning calorimeter
10. Machinability studies on aerospace alloys
11. Measurement of flammability, flame penetration time and char yield of an ablative material
12. Preparation and characterization of a ceramic matrix composite
13. Effect of ball milling time on particle size and surface area of a ceramic/metal powder
14. Fabrication and evaluation of dye sensitized solar cell
15. Studies on charge-discharge characteristics of a battery

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